Bumbo Elipad Review

As most mommies (and daddies too) know, bath time is one of the most important parts of the day for our tiny humans. Some days they enjoy the bath while other days it might be a hassle. However, making bath time as enjoyable as possible with toys and extras are always a good idea. Because, baths will be more than likely go smoother if they can enjoy it, making it easier on us parents. The new Bumbo Elipad was created to ensure just that.

Bumbo Elipad

It’s rare that you find products that are made for both a parent and their child. Well the Bumbo Elipad was made with care for both of us.

For the tiny humans

The Elipad is recommended for toddlers but, I think any child that still needs assistance in the bath is more than suited to use the it. I would probably still use one if I were taking baths because it is THAT comfortable.

It is contoured in order to fit a child’s bottom perfectly in the tub. Thus helping so they don’t slide around when taking a bath. It is also comfortably made so they aren’t sitting on the sometimes tough, bottom of the tub. The softness of the Elipad is perfect for any bottom!

Bumbo Elipad for Toddler

Although the Elipad is made for bath times, because of its’ versatility, it seems as though it could be used just about anywhere. It’s great for just playing on the kitchen floor while dinner is being made or even sitting outside enjoying the sunshine.

For other mommies like me

Elipad review

The Bumbo Elipad was also made to comfort us while helping our children with their baths. Although, my daughter is 8 now and doesn’t need help with hers, my son who is 4, still needs some guidance while taking his bath. Kneeling on the floor next to the tub can sometimes be a pain on my knees but with the Bumbo Elipad I’m able to comfortably kneel next to the tub in order to help my son without getting half way through and cringing from my knees hurting.

The Elipad is an extremely versatile addition to our family’s household. It is easy to carry because it is so lightweight. Thus making it very easy to take on sleepovers with grandparents or even just from bathroom to bathroom.

Aside from being easy to carry with you, its’ surface is easy to clean. Having two kids can lead a very messy life style so I appreciate the ease of cleaning the Elipad if any soap or water residue is left on it from bath time.

The Bumbo Elipad is sold through most baby stores as well as Amazon for a very reasonable price. I’ve also found that they offer an array of different colors so you can choose which will best suit you and your family.

My son being 4 and my daughter being 8, I really wish I would’ve known about the Elipad prior to now. Having it before my daughter grew up a little bit would’ve been great for her, in and out of the bath. However, I’m thankful we did discover it for my son and for myself as well.

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