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Fall season is definitely in the air and it would be of no surprise if you’re already having irritating dry and even probably flaking skin. I may just have the right product for you. I just received them for review and they go by the name Yamerra.


yamerra natural skincare

My sample pack came with the Home Sweet Home: Honey Vanilla, Ladies Night Lavender and Lemon Fire Bliss: Healing Lemongrass. It’s all made of all-natural ingredients, mainly of Shea butter, Vitamin E, almond oil, and more herbs which are wonderfully blended together to come up with products that will benefit both your skin and your senses because of the stimulating aroma-therapeutic elements it also has. And because I’m an expectant mom and pregnant women can’t just use any skin products, these will be just perfectly fine and safe for me to use without the thinking about any unpleasant effects it may have on my baby or me. It’s natural so it’s absolutely safe for everyday use!

Home Sweet Home: Honey Vanilla smells absolutely great and its uses are mostly for moisturizing dry face and skin. I have used it and saw amazing results. It somewhat melts on the skin upon applying. It is made up of sugar extracts, honey, essential oils of vanilla and many other ingredients that work best for sensitive skin and for those who loves skin products made of only natural ingredients. Since it has honey, your skin is guaranteed of nourishment and soothing, especially for the hair. Just a few amounts to massage unto the scalp will do. They work for dry hands and lips, too. It’s really penetrates the skin for a deep locked-in moisture and smells fantastic.

The Ladies Night Lavender does amazing wonders for you on those self-pampering time you have for yourself. As its name suggests, it is great for relaxing and for me-time as it can actually relieve aches and body pains and invite sleepiness with its lavender essential oils while you use it for a calming massage. This product can also be for moisturizing and soothing you skin leaving it supple and lovingly scented.

With the Lemon Fire Bliss: Healing Lemongrass, you will be taken aback on how it can be used to restore you skin from the inside out. By skin restoration, I meant to refer treating dandruff, dry and flaky skin, fungal infections and minor cases of eczema. It has properties that can treat skin with its healing butter content that relieves itch from scalp dryness. It can also be for minor burns, so as to soothe pain and may also stop deep damage to the skin.

From their tag line “Love your skin…hair…Love You”, you get a hint that they specialize on all-out natural skin care goodies. Their products are good for all you needs on hair, skin and more. Plus, they are hand-packed in these really dainty and elegant-looking canisters which are very convenient to bring just about anywhere for those frequent travels or quick moisturizing.

**Disclaimer: The product/s mentioned above have been given free of charge from the company or PR firm in exchange for being featured on naturalbabygoods.com. The product features expressed in this post are those of naturalbabygoods.com and have not been influenced in any other way.

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