Super Miracle Bubbles Glow Fusion from Imperial Toy Review and Giveaway

Imperial Toy

Blowing bubbles is one of the fun things that kids like to do. These bubbles are definitely an attention-getter. My daughter loves bubbles and we have the Super Miracle Bubbles Glow Fusion from Imperial Toy for review.

Imperial Toy Glow Bubble

I was so excited to show my daughter what we got. The first time that we got this, my daughter was ecstatic. We unwrapped it immediately and I assembled the toy. Fortunately, there is an instruction, which is very helpful and useful. I always tinker with toys because I review them and I love that most of the toys I get to review come with easy instructions to follow.

Since it’s almost nighttime, we tested the orange glow of the toy it lights up! Perfect for our “almost-night-blowing-bubbles-bonding”. The whole package contains the bubble solutions and activators. It comes with the Super Premium Premium Plus Solution with A7B Activators. So the first thing I did was to mix the solution and activators for a couple of seconds. It’s really very easy! Anyway, the instruction said not to shake it, so I did not. Slowly and carefully, I attached the solution into the opening that I found underneath the illuminator. Oh, and I also found out at this point that it’s a Hi-Beam illuminator. That’s just amazing! When the solution is finally attached, and as my daughter impatiently waits for me to pull the trigger, I held the trigger and the bubble solution glided through the illuminator and there, it produced and blew a lot of bubbles. My daughter was ecstatic and she was jumping up and down.

After a couple of minutes, my daughter asked if she can hold it and of course I said yes! There she was, pointing it in every direction as it blows bubbles and lights up a portion of the yard where it is directed. She was very happy and me? Well, I just sat down and relax, watching my beautiful angel having fun with the use of the Hi-Beam Illuminator Bubble Blaster, my mouth well-rested from blowing bubbles and my throat perfectly fine and not dry anymore from blowing too much bubbles manually.

Right after blowing bubbles all night, I cleaned the Hi-Beam Illuminator with warm water and I let it cycle for a minute. It was very easy to clean then I stored it in my daughter’s cupboard so she can find it as soon as she wakes up. We really had loads of fun using it during the night because of its beautiful glow! It is definitely perfect for outdoor activities. Your kids will definitely be entertained!

What I liked about this toy as well is that it is very affordable! The retail price is $14.99! Now, that’s a bargain! I plan to give my two nephews as well so they can shoot bubbles at each other together with my daughter. Now that will be a fun playtime and a great bonding experience as well for them!

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