Stand Up for Clean Water with the New Limited Edition ME TO WE Brita Statement Bottle

All over the world there are people suffering from not having healthy and clean water to drink. Brita Canada partners with ME TO WE hoping that they can give more people in Kenya a safe water supply avoiding sickness throughout their country. Participating in a great movement to help others around the world is not only a great opportunity to help but also to help others that are more fortunate to become aware of the need for clean water in Kenya and many other countries.

ME to WE Statement Water Bottle

Brita Canada has released a water bottle to support this movement, called the ME to WE Statement Water Bottle. It’s a limited edition bottle that is supporting a great cause. The water bottle that Brita Canada has released might be a little bit pricy to some but the trade off is one of a kind. Selling for $19.99 at pretty much any major retailer here in Canada, it is a 700 ml portable water bottle that has a replaceable water filter. The $19.99 fee can replace 300 plastic water bottles being created and used, which is mind blowing. Spending $20 seems like nothing to most of us but when I realized that it was replacing up to 300 plastic bottles, I was shocked.

Each purchase of a Brita Canada product made in connection with the WE movement goes directly towards efforts of completion of a borehole in Kenya. Thus providing clean and healthy water for Kenyans. There have been many purchases already, which have allowed over 23,000 people access to clean water for one year. People of Kenya spend so much of their day just retrieving water for their families, which the borehole is also providing more of an opportunity for people to be able to gain an education.

The WE movement has been a great opportunity for all of us to help bring awareness to everyone around the world. Awareness of being water activists and helping others that are in need has been their main goal and every day they are making progress. In order for people to continue to have access to water, it is up to all of us who are fortunate enough to have clean and safe water. Converting to reusable water bottles like the Brita one, instead of constantly buying new plastic ones is a simple and great way to contribute to the cause.

Aside from feeling great about helping others, some like myself might be interested in what’s next? Each Brita Filter for Good product that is specially marked is encoded with a tracking code so we can see where and how our money was specifically utilized. Many people might feel that buying a simple water bottle might not be doing enough or might not have an impact but, it’s everyone’s small everyday choices that will all lead to one big impact. I did my research and learned that anything helps. Anything changes even if it’s the slightest bit. It’s important for the more fortunate people like myself to recognize that changes can be made to help those in need.

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