Sky Pony Press Children’s Books Review – 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide


When you have a child, you would definitely have to stock up on storybooks. This will help them during their learning years and it will come in hand when your kids cannot fall asleep on their own at night. There are a lot of storybooks to choose from but you shouldn’t ignore the books published by Sky Pony Press. They have only been doing this since 2011, but their books are absolutely great. Sky Pony Press is part of a bigger publishing company that is called Skyhorse Publishing. This publishing company aims to provide all types of books across ages, which is why they started with the kids. Sky Pony Press has a wide array of genres with their storybooks. They cater to the general kid audiences. There are a lot of books to choose from.

Now I understand that some books are worth too much nowadays, but I assure you that Sky Pony Press books are affordable. I mean it will really depend on the quality of storybooks and they’re all amazing but they are at a much cheaper price. I actually have two favorite books from Sky Pony and I absolutely love them both.

The Christmas Story

the christmas story

One of my favorite books from Sky Pony is The Christmas Story: The Brick Bible for Kids. It simply tells the religious story behind Christmas without the gifts, Santa Claus, elves, etc. I want my daughter to know this and it was made available because of this storybook. It’s not your typical religious children’s storybook because they made use of Lego characters. I always read this to my daughter at night.

Mama, I Can’t Sleep

mama, I can't sleep

My daughter’s favorite book from Sky Pony right now is Mama, I can’t Sleep. I also like this book because it is educational. My daughter has been exposed to different animals. She knows more than any average four year old when it comes to animals because this book shows how different animals sleep. I just like when the storybooks are educational. It really stimulates their brains.

You know, books as they say are a great investment. You can have your kids learn from them in many ways. Most of their children’s storybooks are educational and teach certain values. These are perfect for gifts to your children, grandchildren and godchildren, nieces and nephews. Since lately, all they do is go online and play video games this is an opportunity to break away from technology and go back to traditional.

I really like Sky Pony books because I particularly have bias over books that are educational and those that offer valuable lessons in the end. Their books really have that!

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