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I’m a working mother who has a four year old daughter and another baby on the way. I HAVE to stay organized. I have loved the Sharpie Pen brand for a long time. We have all different kinds of Sharpie Pens in our house. When it comes to labeling and categorizing boxes of clothes my daughter has outgrown, or storing her old toys, the first pen I grab is almost always a Sharpie. The ink is quick to dry, so there’s no running or smudging. Less mess makes me a happy mom.

sharpie brush tip marker

When I found the Sharpie Brush Tip Markers I immediately started thinking about what kinds of activities my daughter and I could do together! Then I thought about how those activities could get messy if we’re not careful. Since the Sharpie Brush Pen is not made with water soluble ink, it means if we did get it on our clothes that I would have to do a little extra work to get the ink out. Lucky for me I know a trick that involves toothpaste and little bit of laundry detergent. The ink in the brush pen seems heavier, and wetter than regular Sharpie ink, but it is quick drying. As I mentioned before, that makes me give it a thumbs up. If it were to unintentionally mark a hard surface I could “probably” remove it with some rubbing alcohol. It’s still a permanent marker and stays true to the Sharpie name because it will still write on almost every surface.

Sharpie Brush Tip marker

I tend to mainly use Sharpie brush tip markers for anything that needs a label on it and is easy to read. I found that the brush pen seems to be geared more towards artistic uses. Since the ink is heavier, when my daughter is coloring with them I put extra paper behind what she’s drawing on just in case the ink did seep through. The tip is not really a brush like what you would see on a paintbrush, it’s a stiffer, felt tip. I consider my daughter to be quite the artist but she is still a child. The brush tip marker itself is made slightly thicker than a normal Sharpie, if her little hands were bigger she could probably control the ink flow more (being able to control amount of ink, and line width with the pressure you apply is one of the advantages to this product). The felt tip actually held its’ shape and the ink lasted longer than I thought it would. We used the brush pen to personalize some of her school supplies, like her lunch box and her art caddy. I could see the brush pen coming in handy in the future when we have to make a poster for her first science project. It’s really a versatile product and easy to get creative with them.

sharpie brush tip marker

The kid in me likes them too! The Sharpie Brush Pen comes in a variety of vibrant, eye-catchingly bright colors. You can buy them individually or you can purchase them in sets. You have your basic assorted color set (which comes in a set of 4), that includes Green, Red, Blue and Black. There is also a set of assorted “fashion” colors (set of 4), it includes Turquoise, Magenta, Purple and Lime. Then there’s an assorted colors (set of 8), and it has Green, Turquoise, Red, Purple, Blue, Black, Magenta, and Orange. Last but not least we have the set of 12 assorted colors, Brown, Red, Purple, Berry, Orange, Magenta, Lime, Turquoise, Blue, Green, Black, and yellow. The prices are pretty affordable and I think they’re worth it. The individual pens start out around $1.40 each, the sets of 4 are around $7.50, and the set of 12 pens are starting around $16.00.

This product gets my “Mommy Approval” because it’s affordable, it’s a good investment, and it’s just another reason for me to spend some one on one time with my little artist!

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