Rubbermaid Bathroom Cleaning Tools Review And Giveaway


Now that Thanksgiving is over, we still have the final Holiday Season of the year ahead of us. This is the one of the most celebrated events worldwide. Usually Christmas season is celebrated by spending quality time with family and friends. More often than not, there would be a gathering in some relative or some friend’s home. It involves lots of food, drinks, alcohol, laughter, and stories. If ever you’re hosting the festivities this season, as a host, it is very important to keep your house neat and clean. And probably the most important room to tidy up is the bathroom.

Cleaning the bathroom is tough because it involves scrubbing and brushing every corner of the room. When cleaning the bathroom, you basically turn the room upside down to check if everything is clean. That’s how tidy it should be. Though cleaning it is tough, it is noted that it is one of the most frequent cleaned rooms. But thankfully, Rubbermaid, a world class manufacturer and distributor of household products created four new bathroom cleaning tools that would surely make life a little easier for everyone. These new innovative products will make the bathroom a hazardous place for mildew, scum, and grime. You’ll definitely spot the right cleaning tool for you.

Rubbermaid is a renowned company of various household or commercial products. They recently just introduced four new bathroom-cleaning tools that will make cleaning for this holiday season easier and faster – Spraying Scrubber, Handheld 2-in-1 scrubber, Extendable scrubber, and Flexible Scrub Brush. I am very happy with these tools. It’s so simple yet convenient. It is exactly what I needed.

All four are equipped with switchable pads for different types of surfaces. The different pads are scouring pad, sponge, eraser pad, disposable pad, bristle brush, and microfiber scrubber. These tools are multi-purpose because of the pads.

Spraying Scrubber

Cleaning Spraying Scrubber

The spraying scrubber is a combination of spray and scrub. You no longer have to have two different tools. You can use it both at once. I like this product because it really makes scrubbing the bathroom floors and the tub a whole lot faster.

Handheld 2-in-1 Scrubber

Cleaning 2 in 1 Remove Brush

This tool has the all-purpose scrub plus a detail small brush. This latter is best used in small areas. This is convenient especially during storage.

Extendable Scrubber

Extendable Scrubber

Another personal favorite of mine is the extendable scrubber. When you’re tired of having to crouch down and be on the floor to scrub it, you can always extend the handle from 24-40 inches of this one. But you can also choose to disconnect the handle and have a handheld scrub. Perfect for those who easily gets back pains, like me. It’s also perfect for hard-to-reach areas such as the walls. No need to use a stool just to reach it.

Flexible Scrub Brush

Cleaning Flexible Scrub Brush

Lastly, the flexible scrub brush is a tool that flexes whenever you’re scrubbing areas that are hard to access – curves of the sink or the toilet. Again, it’s a simple yet convenient!

All these tools are made to have an easier time cleaning the bathroom. And I must say that they are all amazing products. Having these really helped me a lot in making my bathroom look perfectly clean. Even the corners at the back of the toilet is well cleaned thanks to these.

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