Rothschild Winter Roses Jacket – 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide


Nothing is as priceless as seeing our kids have fun in the snow and play with snowballs or build snowmen. It happens once in the year so we might as well let them enjoy the white showers of nature. But of course, we still have to keep them warm with the right cover-ups and most especially, winter jackets. Considering warmth and price doesn’t mean compromising the style and look of our kids, right?

rothschild winter coat

The Rothschild Winter Roses Jacket is just about warmth, comfort and style. It is what Rothschild has stood up to for 125 years now: bringing “a unique synergy of creativity, style and quality to every coat it produces”, as their website claims. For generations, Rothschild has manufactured a lot of coats and outerwear for any ages that are designed and made to last a lifetime. It is still going up to date and is continuing to grow strong.

rothschild winter coat

This Winter Roses Jacket looks really good on my daughter. It is not too bulky on her and doesn’t look too much of an adult-jacket. She even said she thinks the jacket does not feel too heavy on her. I love how it looks on her. I was even thinking of getting more of these as Christmas presents for my daughter’s girl cousins since its sizes can range up from 4 to 12 years old. Anyway, it will come really handy for them from the fall to the winter season and will be great as school outfit staple when classes resume.

I find it absolutely pretty and very cute for little girls—being rosy and all. It is delightfully quilted and has details of pretty rosettes trimming on its hood. The waist is cinched with a matching elastic belt, too, and has a small buckle for an added accent. It has a zip front closure with a single button on each end. The fabric is 100% polyester on a satin finish and is thick enough for a cozy feel. Also, it is safe for machine wash.

If you’re still thinking of a great Holiday jacket for your daughter or a perfect present for little girls, this Rothschild Winter Roses Jacket is what I highly recommend. But if you’re looking for more options, Rothschild has a wide range of collections for girls, women and even boys. They have accessories like hats and gloves, too. Choose from their lovely coats and other pieces that are really adorable. I especially adore their Boy’s Prams which I think will look great for my baby boy on the next winter, perhaps. Every piece at Rothschild is as practical, dainty and functional as the Winter Roses Jacket. So hurry, grab them now while it’s…cold out!

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  1. Norma Fay says:

    Your daughter looks adorable. I love these Toddler Girls Winter Coats. I found a great deal on a winter coat like this at Burlington Coat Factory. It was so cute on Emma and it was such a great price.

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