Rock N’ Rainbow Concert

Recently I was selected to do a review on the new CD from Rock N Rainbow called Let’s Boogie. I mentioned how it was a vibrant CD with a nice rockin beat. Lots of riffs from popular rock songs can be heard with new fun lyrics the kids can relate to. My seven year old loved it. He grabbed the CD insert and was all into reading the lyrics on the way to the concert. Of course we listened all the way down. My 2 year old was rockin his leg the whole ride too. He really enjoys music already and voices his opinion if you pass a song he likes on the radio for example.

We arrived at the Lula Lounge on Dundas and parked the stroller. We headed for a table close up. They had a floor space for kids who wanted to get up and do some moves. It was close to little ones nap time so I didn’t want to do floor not knowing how he would be at the concert itself. My older son was being a bit reserved so he wanted to stay at table and watch.

rock n rainbow conert1

While we waited for the band to come on they had some videos on a screen they have recorded both from new debut album and some other songs. You could tell they had a bit of a following when there was a lot of singing along already.

They started with a great energy. They played lots of songs on the upcoming debut album. They did medleys and incorporated their personas based on colours, for example Blue Elvis was a bit off “Blue Suede Shoes” and a spot of “Back In Black” for the audience on what they were wearing etc. Fun for everyone.

rock n rainbow conert2

They played quite a few tracks from the new album such as The Freeze, Elephants Have Wrinkles and Five Senses. My son’s favourite song before the concert was “Everybody Farts” now he claims the first two tracks are his favourite, “I Like to Ride My Bike” and “Faster Scootercat”. I feel that his first pick was based on silly lyrics but now his picks were more true to his preference.

rock n rainbow conert3

After the concert in the car, he was begging to listen to CD and now ever since whenever we are in the car! I think he gained more appreciation for the art of music. Though we sat at table, he was intently watching the musicians and gained an appreciation of the instruments. After all they made it look so easy. By the way, they sounded great! They were very well tuned live performers and I’d have to say even sound better in person. Very captivating and great audience interactions.

Rock N’ Rainbow concert

Bottom line, our family had a great time and I don’t think we were the only ones. The place was packed and they were well received. I bid them well with CD release and if you are looking for fun kids music a highly suggest you give them a listen. They have lots of great videos already on YouTube. Hook up the device to a speaker and let the kids boogie!

By Maria McLachlan

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