Pediped – The Perfect Kids Boots for Cold Weather – 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide


As we pass through November, it is the beginning of the wintery blustery season in Toronto and as we all know staying warm in Canada is a big plus when winter hits and especially for our children ensuring that they have nice warm boots is a huge necessity.

pediped winter boots

A style that my 4yr daughter is recently sporting is the Pediped famous for their tagline the next best thing to bare feet “Flex Cruz” winter boot. Coming in a stylish colour of pink and black the Flex Cruz is the perfect colour scheme for a pair of winter boots.

As winter comes it can bring a whole range of different weather patterns from Rain, Sleet and of course Snow which thank goodness, that hasn’t started yet but when it does we will be prepared as with the Flex Cruz Black and Pink boots the cold weather snaps stand no chance against the Flex Cruz boot.

pediped winter boots

pediped winter boots

The Flex Cruz boots are comfortable on our footsies and looking stylish will keep my daughter’s feet nice, warm and dry as she loves to jump in and out of the puddles and snow etc. The Flex Cruz is perfect for all those winter activities as featuring the Stay-Dri Technology PediPed’s line of cold weather boots are constructed with a combination of water-resistant materials including leather and nylon helps ensure the waterproof ability and are built to withstand the coldest temperatures, with a temp rating of -20°C . The Flex Cruz also includes self-cleaning rugged soles which are specially designed to help the flexibility in the area of natural foot movement no matter what the weather conditions are.

The Flex Fit System also provides within the shoes additional insoles that can be inserted for a snug fit that then can be removed as your child’s foot grows. The insoles can reduce shoe size by almost half a size which makes the purchasing of the shoes worthwhile as they help to extend the lifetime of the Flex Cruz Black and Pink Winter Boots.

The best thing as a parent as we like the best for our children is that the Flex Cruz Black and Pink winter boot has been approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association for their efforts and role that they play in promoting the development of healthy feet.

Another great feature that the Flex Cruz Black and Pink winter boots come with is that as most young children aren’t qualified yet to tie their own laces and once lace shoes come off that’s the last of them for the day till they can get you to tie them up again. The Flex Cruz winter boots come complete with Velcro closure making the shoe easy to take off and put on. Another great thing is that the tongue is wide enough and attached to the boot, so you don’t end up with space between the legs. This adds the extra reassurance that the child’s feet are protected to withstand the elements in the cold, wintery days.

Overall, my daughter loves the Flex Cruz Winter boot with their pink and black styles and the fact that they are comfortable and light when she goes out to play unlike most winter boots which due to the added heat factor can become quite heavy and weigh you down. These were a wonderful winter boots as since we do have cold weather and the fact my daughter loves them so much, they have become her current favourite pair of boots.

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