More Hasbro Toys for Boys – 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide


Hasbro toys are really making me excited these past few days and I just love that! This really helps me absorb and sink into the feeling that I am having a baby boy soon. I got two playsets for review. They both are part of Hasbro toys for big boys and some of my top picks for Holiday gifts.


To begin with the first one, the Kre-O Transformers Stealth Bumblebee Set comes in a whooping 257 pieces. Before I forget to mention, this playset is recommended for kids aged 7 years and above. Safety first! You moms know how small parts can be dangerous for toddlers and preschoolers to play with. Anyway, the pieces of Kre-O blocks are for building Bumblebee as huge Autobot then if it’s disassembled, a sport car can be made out of it. The set also includes 1 Kreon Biker with a gun in his hand. His body is detailed with biker gears and looks interesting. There are 2 Kreon Security Agents and a bulldog, too. Both agents are in beige colored outfits but differently detailed. Some sets includes an Energon piece which is like a powerful thing that Bumblebee, his fellow Autobots and their enemies are all after for.

When Bumblebee is put together, there are parts of him that could be pivoted around. I like that because it allows kids to give the whole figure other movements. There are a lot of ball joints to make this happen. Also, the pieces can be turned into like a checkpoint/military headquarters. It looks great with its moving “toll bar” and the booth itself is complete with a miniature keyboard/control panel. On top of the booth, more gadgets and monitoring stuff are seen like a satellite, hand bars, and more. The whole set has endless opportunities for creative play time as boys assemble the pieces into different figures.


Next, I have the Beyblade Metal Fury Performance Top System Destroyer Dome Set which is a battle dome arena for Beyblade tops to compete in. For those who are not familiar with Beyblade, it is actually a Japanese manga (comics) series that was turned into an animated series. It was such a big hit that Beyblade merchandise was put out in the market. The toys sold in toy stores were the replicas of those used in the Beyblade animé. They are forceful tops boosted by special Ripcord launchers.

What makes it extra exciting and way more action-packed is that it “defies gravity”. Beyblade tops can actually wreck each other off even as they reach the peak of the dome. Also, the dome is transparent which is great for the kids to see the whole action in full view. It has blue and red streaks and stands on a black foundation.

The set is a combo of pieces for two players. Aside from the arena, there are two 5-piece Beyblade tops, 2 Dome Spin tracks, 2 Ripcord Launchers, 2 assembling tools, 2 collection cards and the instructions manual. Kids ages 6 and below might not be advisable to play with these and might not even get the concept of how the real battle must go. Assembly of the whole arena may take time but won’t be that tricky if someone building it really into Beyblade.

All in all, I’d love to gift these playsets as Christmas presents. It’s just a few days before Christmas so hurry and get your Holiday gifts ready. Must you forget wrapping a present for a grandson or godson, these playsets are available in many major toy stores and online. Grab them now and you won’t regret the looks in their faces when they unwrap these big boy toys!

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