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It is amazing how many awesome products are continuously coming out that contribute to the ease and convenience of caring for our babies! When my two were small, I was constantly astonished by the scope of technology in the equipment that was available even at that time to help me give my children the best care available. As time moves ahead, however, new creations in baby products keep me asking, “where was this when mine were small?”

kidz district logo

Kidz District is a company located in the Montreal area that has grown from its roots by offering ground breaking, ingenious products for babies and children. The company has been in existence for more than ten years, and has progressively provided the most innovative baby and children’s products during that time. Over these years Kidz District has carefully constructed the building blocks of their company to include a strong customer service department consisting of knowledgeable professionals who are well able to answer questions and address the concerns of customers in a timely fashion.

kidsme food grinder

kidsme food grinder

Among the wonderful products created by Kidz District is the Kidsme Food Grinder. This product provides the easiest and safest way of grinding up food for baby into pieces exactly the right size for his or her age and ability. It really takes the guesswork out of measuring the proper size of each bite, in addition to every making every mouthful exactly what your little one can safely handle. The Kidsme Food Grinder is available in a choice of three bright colors; you can choose either lime green, lavender, or aquamarine.

multi-purpose rack

kidsme mulit-purpose rack

Kidz District is also the author of Kidsme Food Feeder Multi Purpose Rack, perfectly constructed for hanging baby’s bottles, food feeders, and sacs for quick, thorough drying. The Multi Purpose Rack turns on 360 degree spinning pegs and can be taken apart to hang on a wall, in addition to being placed on a countertop. It is affordably priced, as are all Kidz District products, and is easily disassembled, cleaned, and then reassembled for further use.

Many of the baby and youth products sold through this innovative company work together in contributing to the safe, easy care of our children. Every item is created with safety, convenience, and durability in mind. The food feeder, also sold by Kidz District, is used in conjunction with the Kidsme Food Grinder as well as the Kidsme Food Feeder Multi Purpose Rack. After grinding baby’s food into appropriate sized pieces, the pieces are placed in the Food Feeder to give your baby his or her own ability to self feed. It comes with a flexible silicone sac large enough to accommodate the increasing amount of food that baby will require over time. The food is placed inside the sac and stays fresh while your little one indulges him or herself, one piece at a time. Instead of spoon feeling (everything in the room except the baby!), you just fill the feeder with the proper amount of food, in perfect sizes thanks to your Kidsme Food Grinder, and let baby go to work! Their appetites are satisfied and the food is distributed into the mouth in just the right increments. What a stress saver (for mom and baby)!

Kidz District holds its own place as the exclusive supplier in Canada of brand name products for new parents, as well as for infants, babies, and toddlers that are consistently environmentally friendly, practical, and innovative. Some brands offered through Kidz District are Lil’Side Kick, Kidsme, MiniMonkey, Lassig, NumNum, BabyShusher, Dolce, Tumzee, and Oribel. In addition, Kidz District makes ordering from their online catalog both quick and easy, with a smooth checkout process. When visiting their online site, you will find hundreds of products to choose from, as well as some of the most ingenious and original ideas in baby care.

Kidz District, in keeping with their reputation, has again made available, and continues to offer, products that still keep me wondering “where was this when mine were small?”


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