Innobaby Keepin’ Fresh Kids Stainless Drinking Cup and Bento Box Review


I was trying to avoid feeding or letting my daughter drink out of any plastic containers, even BPA-free ones. I just worried that those still have chemicals that are harmful to the health overtime. Fortunately, I received this set (stainless cup and bento box) from Innobaby for review, which is free from phthalate, PVC, BPA, and lead.

innobaby stainless steel drinking cup

The Keepin’ Fresh Kids Stainless Drinking Cup is lightweight and easy to use. It’s very practical and even if I put the cup in my bag when my daughter and I go out, the drink won’t leak on the lid. It’s airtight and I really like that. I have that problem with other drinking cups and tumblers, the drink leaks easily on the lid when shaken a little. I also like that the protective sleeve (the outer plastic container where the stainless cup rests on) minimizes temperature so when I feed her warm milk or cold juices, so it protects her hands from hot or cool surfaces that can harm her little hands. My daughter loves fruit shakes and this cup keeps the fruit shakes fresh as long as the lid is closed after every time she drinks.

innobaby stainless steel bento

I am very pleased with Keepin’ Fresh Kids Stainless Bento because it is perfect for little hands; easier for me to portion food for her. The bento is made of stainless steel so the stain from food does not really stick on the container. Very easy to clean because I don’t have to scrub so much. You can easily place it in the dishwasher. The bento has a four hinged air tight lid so I’m sure the food is fresh when she eats. It’s great for her snack. Like the drinking cup, the stainless steel bento has a protective sleeve as well for easier handling of hot and cold foods. I use this set for storing pastas, cut out sandwiches, and other snacks for her.

I like the bento set. No more crashed biscuits or soggy sandwiches and food for my baby girl. It’s durable too. She’s in preschool and I know that when recess comes, she still eats fresh food like she does at home. The drinking cup works well too. She can easily sip through the straw and close it after she finishes. Though the parts of the drinking cup and the bento are dishwasher safe, I like to hand wash them.

Innobaby has several innovative pieces for parents especially if they’re busy. I recommend this brand. I totally like it. They have a great collection of baby-safe and eco-friendly products. Aside from drinking cups and bentos, they also have baby bottles, platters, bowls, and airtight snack dispensers. They also have seat and crib toppers. Be sure to check out Innobaby’s website.


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