Hasbro Gift Idea For Little Girls – 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide


One of my most favorite part of Christmas shopping for presents is getting my daughter her own present. I just love surprising her and just enjoy browsing through hundred of cute girly toys. Now that she’s in school and has made a lot of friends already, I just got myself into more than four times the fun because I won’t just be giving my daughter a present, but her friends, too!

As early as now, I already have with me two perfect Holiday Gift for little preschooler princesses such as my daughter and her gal pals. These presents will be the best presents they’ll receive for Christmas. One of it is the Play-Doh Disney Princess Prettiest Princess Castle Set. Since, I guess, it’s too costly to get each of her friends a set of these, giving it to my daughter is may be enough for the whole girl group. After all, playing with the set of Disney princesses can accommodate 3-4 girls.

playdoh princess

Each set comes with one pink castle, 3 princesses (Aurora, Cinderella and Belle), and 6 cans of two-ounce modeling compound. The castle has different molding doors for the dress and the prince door mold, a little porch for a ball scene and a tower presser where Rapunzel’s hair will come from. Little girls can style their Disney princess’ ball gown on their own, in any way they like using the door molds found in the castle. They can make accents and other embellishments, too, like flowers, bows, tiaras, shoes, etc. What’s even cuter is that there is a sparkling compound included for those glittery accessories for the princesses. It’s like letting them give their favorite princesses a make-over through molding clays. Hours will be spent playing on this set alone, that’s for sure.

Littlest Pet Shop

little pet shop

The next holiday present I have for gift-giving is the Littlest Pet Shop Babies Themed Pack- Sunny Strolls with Babies. It is no secret that young girls love playing pretend that they have little ones to care for like their own babies and bring them places for a stroll. With this set of 3 baby pets, a stroller and other accessories, girls can take their baby pets out for a walk on their stroller to play. The pieces are individually adorable and really pretty and my daughter is already raving about how fun it was playing with it.

These two sets of absolute cuteness are by so far my top picks as gifts for little girls and I recommend them for anyone out there in search of the perfect gift for little girls. The sight of it alone will definitely blow their minds away and will love these toys for sure. It will be the best Christmas presents you can give those little princesses who deserve a girly gift. However, since each set contains small parts, they are only recommended for 2 years and 4 years up respectively.

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