Set the Holiday Mood with these Cool Hasbro Interactive Action Figures And Giveaway {2017 Holiday Gift Guide}

Parents often find themselves stuck in choosing the best Christmas gifts for their beloved kids. Luckily, putting a smile on the children’s faces is easy as long as you give them items within the range of their interests considering their age. I did not have a hard time identifying what to give to my youngest kid as his interests lie on action figures. Since my son is a big fan of sci-fi action movies, I decided to search for interactive action figures under this category. I was able to search from Hasbro and you know that the quality is at its best since they are one of the most established toy producers worldwide. If you feel that you kids are like mine, below are my top three picks that would definitely help you out:

Star Wars Galactic Heroes BB-8 Adventure Base Playset

Star Wars fans (at all ages) can play-pretend in this interactive playset with BB-8 and Rey (dressed up in Resistance Outfit). Kids have the option to play the BB-8 itself in droid mode or they may open it and enjoy the adventurous landscape set inside. It has a telescoping head and the inner part of BB-8 looks like a command center complete with sound effects, lighting and even projectile cannons – all of them are button-operated!

This toy is best for kids around 3 to 7 years old. I think this is the best for those who want to play with their kids or have two to three children at home. The parts all look to be sturdy and won’t fall off easily.

Transformers Generations Titans Return Trypticon Action Figure

Transformers Action Figure

Transformers Generations Titans Return Trypticon Action Figure

This 18 inches tall action figure will not be categorized under the Transformers Generations Titans Return line for 2017 if it does not have the ability to be reassembled into different forms. Your Transformers fan kid (like mine) will be able to play this mobile action figure in three modes: T-Rex form, Spaceship form, and City form.

We got one and my kid was very excited to open it. He was fascinated with the mechanisms of his new action figure. In T-Rex form, he was all-laughs that it can “munch” on other Titan Master figures. The figures are totally easy to pull-out from the Dinosaur’s stomach. If you are planning to collect all the action figures under this current line, you will be able to interconnect them on their City mode.

Transformers Generations Titans Return Trypticon

Out of all the action figures among the current Transformers Generations Titans Return and Titan Class Deception line, the Trypticon Action Figure is the largest piece ever made so this is a real eye-candy. I recommend this toy as a starter if you plan to collect such toy action figures with your kids!

Mega Playset Marvel Spider-Man Mega City Playset

You will never regret buying this one for your Spider-kids as this playset has an intensive (but easy) playing mechanism and may be played by more kids (and adults, too!). This Mega City Playset features several Spider-Man settings including the subway, the bank the vault, Peter’s lab, and more. This monster playset is nearly 4 feet tall so expect that there would be so much web-slinging and wall-crawling scenes (with the action figures, of course).

The kids will never get bored in helping Spidey eliminate all bad guys in this mini Spider-Man City by letting the Spider-Man figure slide down the zip line. Kids can also send the bad guys figures by sending them down the trap doors and capturing them within the web jails.

I know that my youngest son will really be thankful and happy this coming Christmas as I plan to give him the Star Wars Galactic Heroes BB-8 Adventure Base Playset and the Mega Playset Marvel Spider-Man Mega City Playset. It was all thanks to Hasbro as they continue manufacturing these kinds of toys that kids get hooked in to. Hasbro manufactures all sorts of toys and games to let the children (and even adults) enjoy the moment. Don’t forget to check Hasbro toys on stores and even online! I chose these toys as I think that he can play these with her sister, or even me. After all, the spirit of Christmas is sharing!

Win Transformers Generations Titans Return Trypticon Action Figure!

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  1. NormaJane (NJ) says:

    Zip line, web jail, trap doors your son will be overjoyed. Our godsons love Transformers and would be super shocked with the gift of the Transformers Generations Titans Return Trypticon Action Figure.

  2. April Williams says:

    Thanks for the chance. My son has been obsessed with Transformers pretty much his whole life and would love to win this.

  3. Maritess S says:

    I would love to win this for my youngest nephew who loves taking things apart and building them back in a few different things.

  4. Rosanne Robinson says:

    I would love to win the Transformers Generations Titans Return Trypticon Action Figure for my grandson, he would love it.

  5. michelle matta says:

    I struggle to think of gifts for the boys in my life. I have 5 nephews and it never gets easier maybe because I never had a brother. id love to just let fate choose this for one of them.

  6. Tracie brown says:

    Would love to win for my 4 year old because he has been begging for something like this for Christmas, but we are doing a small Christmas this year.

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