Green and Black’s Organic Chocolate – 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Green and Blacks Organic

The world is full of wonderful things and chocolates are some of those. I love chocolates as most of the people around the world. I would also love to grab a bite on any trusted brand of chocolate but hesitation gets a hold of me. It’s not only because of the fat and calories but also because of how inorganic they could have been made. And that’s exactly why I’d love to eventually indulge myself (probably not now that I’m still pregnant) on the Green and Black’s Organic Chocolate.

Since 1991, when Green and Black’s Organic Chocolate has brought the best-tasting naturally-made chocolates, its lovers have patronized these rich and guilt-free yummy bars. Green and Black’s Organic Chocolate make chocolates out of organic grown cocoa from the Dominican Republic. Known as the world leader in organic and Fair Trade Chocolates, they stay true to their promise of producing the highest quality chocolates that have been delicately produced to bring out the distinct flavor in each product and paying respect to nature by staying all-natural.

organic chocolate

green and black's organic chocolate

I couldn’t be happier to receive 6 varieties of Green and Black’s Organic Chocolate bars in 100g. They all look equally delicious and nicely packed. The label is written simply and has the Fair Trade seal on it. According to their site, the packaging materials they have used are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified which means they are all made in ways that are non-offensive to the environment.

For this review, I got the flavors Milk, Hazelnut & Currant, Dark, Caramel, Raisin & Hazelnut and Maya Gold. What I love most about these chocolate bars aside from being organic is that they are all low in calories. Most of them, shall I put it, only have a range of 204-223 calories per 40g. That is definitely good news for those who are always on the look out for gaining extra weight when tolerating their sweet tooth. Also, these organic chocolates I have with me are all worthy for vegetarians because of ingredients used in them.

Moreover, for organic chocolates like what Green and Black’s have, it’s nice to know that they all come in reasonable prices. The quality and richness for every Green and Black’s product is never compromised. With its affordability, they will be perfect for this Christmas season. They can be used as presents, favors for Christmas gatherings, treats for guests who stay over, and more. In fact, I received generous samples of Green and Black’s for Christmas last year, too, and I was so pleased with how everything turned out when I used them during Yuletide season that I want it to be part of this year’s season of giving!

With the other products from Green and Black’s like baking goods, they will be great for making hot chocolate drinks and deserts for this winter season. Its uses are limitless and can be very heart-warming to enjoy it by sharing with friends and family, with your partner or even by yourself.

Green and Black’s Organic Chocolate has done an excellent job in introducing the famously-loved chocolate that are made from the best of what nature has in-store for us. Chocolate lovers of all kinds are definitely missing out on a lot of goodness and mouth-watering experience if they haven’t grab their own Green and Black’s Organic Chocolate goodies. You can also follow them on facebook.

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