How to Get your Children in the Garden this Summer

If you want to get the kids off the couch and outdoors, gardening is a great way to do just that. But, most kids do not want to garden, so what other options are there? These are a few fun outdoor activities you can do together, get in some exercise, and enjoy the warm weather with the family.

Outdoor games –

Slip and slide, outdoor water sprinklers, or other fun bouncers are great ways to get the kids outside. Not only are they doing something physical, they are going to get in some exercise, and have fun doing so outdoors.

Metal detectors –

Let them look for pieces of “gold” or silver you plant outside. A metal detectors are fun, they are going to scavenge, enjoy the outdoor weather, and have fun competitions with their friends and siblings.

Make it a competition –

Make gardening a competition. Kids love to compete, so why not let them plant in the garden, and create their own garden space. Let them compete with you, as well as with their siblings/family members. As a parent, it is a fun way you can interact with one another, and it is a great way to have the kids doing something productive outside, rather than sitting inside all day long.

Let them decide –

Let them do some of the choosing for the garden. If they like a particular flower or tree, let them plant it. Allow them to have their own space, and do their own design. They are going to enjoy it, want to engage, and it allows you to have a distinct looking garden as well.

There are a few ways in which you can bring the kids outside, and enjoy time together. When summer season is here, and time for gardening has approached, these are some ways to bring everyone together, and enjoy the outdoor weather together.

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