Evoli Foaming Wash and Soft Cream Review

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Evoli makes some amazing baby products.  They believe in not only providing products that they can tell you are safe but that they can prove are safe. Because when you become a parent, you want to provide the very best in comfort, care, and safety to your child.  Evoli’s philosophy is such that they want to help you be more sure and confident in doing that every single time.

So many baby products on the market are said to be gentle and safe, and yet they still contain parabens, phthalates, sulfates and artificial colors and scents that can be potentially harmful to sensitive skin. And let’s face it, a new baby has the most sensitive skin of all. 

Evolis strives to put out products that don’t contain any of that laundry list of contaminants that are going to cause irritation.

Evoli Baby All Over Foaming Wash (300ML)


This is a gentle foaming wash that is created specifically for a baby’s delicate hair and skin.  It is made with Evoli’s special formula to be calming and it cleanses your little one and is soothing to their skin.  They will come out of every bath with that baby fresh smell and soft skin that makes snuggling up so enjoyable.

This foaming wash is made with an oatmeal base that is soothing to even the most delicate and sensitive skin. It also contains aloe and chamomile which are calming and soothing, which means after bath time, your little one will be all ready to settle in to sleep. 

The formula has been rigorously tested and proven to be hypoallergenic.  In other words, even if your little one is prone to things like eczema or skin allergic reactions, this is going to be super safe to use.  It has been heavily tested by dermatologists in a laboratory to make sure that even the most sensitive of little ones is going to have an awesome experience with this wash.

With all of that in mind, this product contains no fragrances, no alcohol, and no essential oils. There is also no SLS or SLES in this product, so it is extra gentle for even the littlest of babies.

Evoli Baby Soft Cream

Evoli Baby Soft Cream

This is a light moisturizing cream specially formulated specifically for the delicate skin your baby has on their face and body.  It is a soft, non-sticky formula. This means it is not greasy or heavy feeling.  It helps to moisturize and strengthen your little one’s skin and its natural protective barrier.  Your infant will be left with soft and smooth skin and a gentle, calming effect after every single use.

It contains no fragrances, no parabens, and no essential oils, so it is safe to use on even the most sensitive skins.  Tested and formulated by dermatologists, your baby’s skin is going to be gently soothed by this product.

So, if you are in the market for a line of baby products that are going to hold the same standards you do, and be as gentle as possible without having all those nasty chemicals that could harm your baby, you definitely want to check out the Evoli Baby products.  And if you don’t have a little one yet yourself, they make a great gift for any new mom who is still navigating the waters of what is and is not an excellent product for their little one. 

After all, all the reviews and testimonials out there can’t all be lying. If that many people are in love with this product, there must be something there, doesn’t there?

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