Eco-friendly Yoga Mat and Exercise Ball Review And Giveaway Ends 2/19


This generation’s lifestyle is hungry for balance. Thanks to the ancient techniques, Yoga and Pilates are now the most accurate exercises. It makes us healthy and beautiful from inside-out. But we should take a closer look. We are all becoming environmentally conscious, from the food we eat, into recycling, and to the things that we are using. Being healthy means completely understanding our wellness, but up to what extent? Exercise, we owe that to our body. But seek knowledge for our baby. The latest innovation in pregnancy exercises includes the use birthing ball. Obstrecians and /or Gynecologists are now introducing this to their pregnant patients, as any regular exercise ball that you can find in any physical health store. The chances are, we proceed to the practice and just grab that kind of ball. Leg exercises and light stretching is also common routine for exercise for pregnant women. Prenatal exercises are non-strenuous, a physically fit pregnant can conduct exercises with her doctor’s approval. Stretching once in a while is also good, just enough to feel the stretch but not the pain. It is the best to perform leg stretching on this Eco-friendly yaga mat by


I admire the goal of this company, they are dedicated on producing eco-friendly yogi products (yoga tools or accessories), and to reach wider market, their products are affordable. Yes, you can enjoy this eco-mat without hurting your pocket.


This eco-friendly mat is biodegradable; they make it to a point that their product would be completely non-toxic. So before you purchase a mat, you should check the material and its components. Pvc is known to be a harmful plasticizer, simply switch to pvc-free products. This blueberry eco-mat I got for review contains no PVC, phthalates, or latex. Wait, before you grab that “any regular ecoballexercise ball” you should consider this; there is a huge demand of exercise ball on pregnant women. This eco-friendly exercise ball is a pvc-free ball. when I got this exercise ball, the first thing is to smell. Wow, there is no unpleasant chemical smell at all! I feel free when using it. Now that birthing ball is becoming popular, for me, pregnant women should go beyond that “any regular” for their health benefits. I only have one 20 months old daughter; I am still using this Blueberry eco-mat and eco-friendly exercise ball. Take note mothers, not just any yoga ball would do, I am clarifying this, for you to save money. If you think you are on the right track by practicing yoga, dig deeper. I can now simply place my 20 months old daughter on this blueberry eco-mat, with my supervision of course, but without any worries. The best things in life are free; let’s just not weigh this, its getting complicated. Being a mother, tolerance is very important. We must open our minds to graces that our nature brings. I have a huge respect for the companies who does not put a price on the benefits. My blueberry eco-mat and so as the pvc-free exercise ball are my treasures. We must not just grab what we are asked to get. What we need may not be in front if our noses, it takes a motherly instinct to have the best.


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  1. Mimi says:

    This might sound silly but my favorite item there is the Gaiam Large Balance Ball. The kids in the Elementary use those in a few classes instead of chairs! I’d love something that size instead of my computer chair!

  2. dianad says:

    I just became a follower. I’ve recently been asked to join a yoga class so your giveaway would be perfect. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway

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