Dr Teal’s Gift Set {2017 Holiday Gift Guide}

Nowadays, stress is all around us. And this fast way of life has its consequences, which will sooner or later be manifested in some way.

Sometimes, all we need is to take care of ourselves and having some ME time. A warm, soothing bath, relaxing massage and complete skin care – a ritual that women should practice often because they’ll literally blossom after it. Literally, it’s all you need for a fresh start.

Dr Teal's Gift Set

If you want to get rid of daily stress and fatigue, our honest recommendation goes to Dr. Teal’s Relax & Relief Gift Set,a magnificent set of 5 products, with aromas of Eucalyptus and Spearmint, for your daily routine. This gift set includes the following items:

Epsom Salt Soaking Solution – A nature at its best. Pure magnesium-sulfate salt enriched with aromas of Eucalyptus and Spearmint will make you feel like you’re relaxing deep in a rainforest. Just two cups are enough to fully recover your muscles and reduce potential inflammation. But after a few minutes, while it dissolves on your skin, you can feel that stress disappears from every cell of your body. So for a simple stress relief, put salt in a warm bath at least twice a week and let all your worries disappear. This magic product’s uses are numerous; use it for sunburns, bees sting, dry lips, whole body peeling… It comes in 14oz packing which should be sufficient for monthly use.

Pure Epsom Salt Foaming Bath – make you bath a very special moment. Pure Epsom Salt mixed with particular essential oils for your full comfort. Make an extra bubble bath and just let it go.

Pure Epsom Salt Body Wash – for extra moisturizing of the dried and damaged skin. With an addition of Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Vitamin E revives your skin and relaxes your muscles. You can apply it on the puff, a sponge or directly on the skin. Comes in a package of 3 fluid oz, same as Foaming Bath below.

Pure Epsom Salt Body Oil –  A great mixture of Sesame/Olive oil and Aloe Vera for addition skin care after bathing. To avoid drying of your skin, apply few drops of this Oil on the skin right after the bath. In a practical 1 oz package, which should be sufficient for monthly use, is very practical and because of its consistency, easy to apply and the skin absorbs it quickly.

Pure Epsom Salt Body Lotion – Shea Butter and Vitamin E in main roles again, for a final touch. No parabens and no phthalates, which makes this product completely natural and safe for use.

Behind these phenomenal products is a story about the accidental discovery of mineral enriched water spring in village Epsom, English. So this could be a little anecdote to talk about if you decide to give it to your loved ones. To be honest, I’d be thrilled to get one, but I already have multi-month stocks 🙂 This awesome package simply screams ”be generous, give me to someone, make them happy too”. So, as Dr. Teal’s parole says – just be.

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