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Moms certainly do not have too much time to read and research. And as your children grow up fast, their perspective extends and they need to learn and educate about the world around them. Our recommendation is two perfectly designed books for your little scientists, from the publisher DK Books.

First one is Children’s Encyclopedia – An excellent source of knowledge and new information that will be interesting for your kids.

Here you can find over 250 topics in the fields of art, people, a human body, technology, history, Earth, nature, science, and space. All articles are adapted to children aged 7 to 9 years, with the addition of appropriate photos so without your help, your kids can handle with this fun and well-written book. It’s a great thing to get them rid of the fear of learning as soon as possible and begin to study independently.

Another one is 13½ Incredible Things You Need to Know About Everything. This book that will reveal to your kids most of the unknown facts about familiar things. As the title says, there will be 13 new and interesting facts about well-known topics that your kids will learn. And there will be that “one half” as a fun side, where the mystery will remain whether that fact is true or not. In any case, a very fun and educational book that your kids will read in no time.

And now, something for moms area of interest 😊 DK offers us various cookbooks, and a special guide to bring your cooking to the level of top-quality chefs.

In The Science Of Cooking, Dr. Stuart Farrimond explains and answers the majority of everyday questions about cooking and preparing food, but from the angle of science, adjusted to the average reader.

He explains to you how to cook veggies without losing valuable nutrients from it, how to easily cut and peel fruit, then various cooking and serving techniques … Almost everything that comes to your mind. A great book for relaxing in your spare time.

The second cookbook we recommend is Pulse revolution – The author of this book Tami Hardeman wants to present vegetarian food in a completely new light (featuring meat variations, so no worries dear meat lovers). She introduces us to the benefits of pulses and their uses in everyday nutrition. More than 150 recipes with photo add-ons will make you read this cookbook in one breath and start preparing delicious, healthy food right now.

And for the end, Salads And Dressings.

Excellent guidance on how to prepare healthy and light meals, even when your duties do not allow it. For Sunday family lunch, brunch or on-the-go dish, over 100 delicious recipes are there for every day. You’ll find many recipes that you will want to try as soon as possible.

Note: Children’s books mentioned in first two paragraphs can be a great gift for kids who has thirst for knowledge. Well-explained and easy to understand, these books will encourage them to think and develop logic. And considering cookbooks, since the holiday season is near, a good book is certainly a great gift for you moms, sisters, aunts or wives.

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  1. NJ Nowoselski says:

    The Science of Cooking looks interesting. My mom didn’t cook so I missed out of what & why of cooking different things. Looks like this might fill in the blanks 🙂

  2. Kristen says:

    I love books that mix education with visuals. It’s so helpful to have an image demonstrating the difference between rare and medium-rare. And I love knowing what the different flowers look like without having to Google every single one!

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