Dew Puff Konjac Sponge Review

I hadn’t heard of Konjac root before trying the Dew Puff sponge.  The sponge alone is a single ingredient product with no chemicals, comes from a plant, completely safe for all skin, and you can use it just as it is. No cleanser required! It’s meant to be gentle enough for everyone (even babies!) and effective enough to give a deep clean feeling and leave skin glowing and healthy.


Like any other woman, I want to take good care of my face, and have a daily routine. I appreciate gentle cleaning products that get the job done. When I took the Dew Puff sponge out of the package it was dried out and hard so I followed the instructions to soak in warm water. It was squishy and felt a little bit like a jelly sponge after a few minutes, definitely nothing like my other face cloths. The original Dew Puff sponge was the first to be tested, and I used it plain, no facewash or soap or anything.  It didn’t have a sandpaper or scratchy feeling to it and I used it to wash my whole face, which still had tinted moisturizer from the day. It washed off the moisturizer, and I rinsed it down the drain, no problem. Rubbed it in little circles all over my face like I would with a scrub and it made my skin feel much smoother. I have pretty sensitive skin on my cheeks and on my forehead, and this didn’t irritate my face when I used it. I usually notice pretty quickly when a product is too harsh because my cheeks will stay a bit pink, almost like a sunburn, but this sponge didn’t cause that at all!

The red clay infused Dew Puff sponge is geared towards more sensitive skin and as I genuinely liked the feel of it on my face, I would use this on a regular basis for sure. Maybe even use it to replace what I’m doing now completely. The sponge makes my skin feel smooth and after a rinse and pat dry, it looks more fresh. It looks like happier skin. I used it the same way, let it soak a while in warm water and then ran it in little circles all around my face. It didn’t even irritate the skin under my eyes.

Charcoal seems to be the new skin cleaner craze so I was pretty excited to try the bamboo charcoal sponge. Same sponge just a different infusion ingredient. Charcoal is supposed to help get rid of bacteria, and dirt in skin so count me in for this combination! After I used the sponge, my face feels like I’ve done a lot more work than I actually did. It feels like I really spent some time with a deep cleansing product but I just soaked it and used it pretty gently all over my face. The sponge is fantastic!

I definitely like that it’s an all-natural product, after a while it’s exhausting trying to figure out every 47 letter ingredient on the back of a plastic bottle. It does mean paying attention to keeping it clean and dry between uses, but it’s really not different than hanging up a bath loofah. Really minimal product care, and boiling once a month to make sure there’s no bacteria built up. Super easy, and completely worth it. I liked trying all three of the sponges.  They are gentle on my skin, and there’s no way the price can be beat for the quality of the clean feeling they leave behind!

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