Why the Dashboard Camera Should be on Your Holiday Shopping List {2017 Holiday Gift Guide}

Ever wish you had a way to record the events of your commute to and from work? What about an epic road trip that you wish you could have captured more of? Enter the PAPAGO! GoSafe 760 Front and Read Dashboard Camera!

papago gosafe 760

Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. It seems like almost everyone has one now, doesn’t it?

This dash cam is going to document your drive, no matter how long or short it is, in beautiful 1080p sharpness and color. Never again will you find yourself wishing that you could have captured those moments when something amazing happened and you couldn’t get out your trusty cell phone to document it while you were driving along.

This, like most dash cams, plugs into your car’s DC outlet (we used to call them cigarette lighters before smoking was no longer something that “everyone” did. Now, cars have them specifically for plugging in your gadgets and gizmos). It includes 32 GB of storage and can be expanded with a microSD card up to 128 GB so that you never have to miss a moment.

Do you have a college age teen that is about to embark on an epic spring break road trip? Or a YouTuber that would like to be able to document things on the go? Then this is the gift for them.

There is a 1080p camera that mounts on the windshield with an included suction cup or an adhesive. It boasts a 140-degree wide angle lens that never misses any of the action. The rear unit sticks on with an adhesive and has a 120-degree wide angle lens.

There is also a 2.7-inch LCD screen that shows you what the camera is seeing, so you always know what you are capturing and can decide whether or not it is worth saving.

These may even come in handy should anything untoward happen while you are traveling.  Ever witnessed a hit and run accident but didn’t have time to take down the license plate? Well now, the camera can do that for you.

Remember back to when you were younger and going on a cross-country road trip. How much would you love to be able to have footage of all the amazing scenery you saw along the way? Well, if you had had one of these you would be able to do that.

Or perhaps you get into an accident yourself while on the way to work. Eventually, it may happen to all of us. There’s an accident on the road. Both parties in the accident have a different version of the story as to what happened.  Often it comes down to whose story sounds more believable and who can tell a more convincing version. 

But if you have one of these handy dashcams, there would be no question, would there?  The details of what happened during that accident would be clear as day because they were recorded. It would make it much easier to determine that you were not at fault. This makes claims easier to handle as well.

We all have someone on our list that would probably love to have one of these. If you have a teen that is away at college, I am sure they would love to receive one of these as a holiday gift this season. Or someone who is concerned about accidents and wants to make sure that things go smoothly in the event of the unthinkable. This could be especially useful for inexperienced drivers or older adults, or just about anyone really for that matter.

Have that geeky guy or girl in your life who already seems to have everything? Then maybe this is just the thing you have been looking for.

This set of cameras is easy to mount and get set up on your dashboard. It mounts easily just below your rearview mirror and can be set up and ready to go in minutes.

See? You really can find just about anything these days! There are quite a few people who would probably love to have this under the tree this year, and I am sure you have at least one or two people on your list who would be able to get a lot of use out of one of these nifty little gadgets.

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