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For so many reasons, surveillance or security cameras are a big hit these days. It’s a great way keep an eye at a place even when you are not around. The security is in the peace of mind that you always know what is going on while you’re away and in the fact that if in case anything bad happens, you have a proof of recordings of the incident. There are now a lot these kinds of cameras and their prices are just eye-popping, especially during the early years. But, with the D-Link Cloud Camera 1100, security comes in a friendlier price without compromising quality and performance.

D-Link Cloud Camera

D-Link camera 1100

This D-Link Camera comes with a built-in wireless N technology. It functions using a mydlink service. You can view your camera remotely over the internet once it’s installed. The installation is pretty easy too. Simply connect the cables, plug in the camera, run the short installation wizard and setup is complete.

D-Link camera back

mydlink has a logging system which allows multiple users to view what the camera is seeing with security. Aside from the mydlink, you can also find D-ViewCam management software which will let you record from the camera, start motion detection, set recording schedules and support up to 32 cameras, if you’re setting up many units of the same kind.

D-Link Cloud Camera 1100

As long as the D-Link camera itself is connected via line internet or WiFi, monitoring can be possible anytime and anywhere you are with the use of your computer, iPad, iPhone or android smartphone—all of which should have a connection, too. Also, it has a built-in microphone which will allow audio recording in the footage. Its LED lens has these amazing features such as, it can still cover footages even when the lights are out and the room is completely dark. It also has a range of up to 5 meters around the room. It is relatively small and light-weight making its visibility not a concern.

This great and highly-recommended D-Link Wireless-N IP Camera is a must especially when you need to see and hear for yourself that everything is well when you leave a room, the house or workplace. Also, this will be a necessity for moms with little ones or expecting moms like me. Let’s say you work on the computer or fix a meal in the kitchen, and the baby’s asleep in his crib/nursery, it will do great wonders for you as you check on him/her from time to time on the computer. And, if there are some things you can’t trust anyone to handle it like a new babysitter, this D-Link Wireless camera is definitely useful for security and safety purposes. It’s a good thing that products like this are available in a nearby place, like Best Buy! Their online shop alone is enough to speak for their outstanding service of giving the lowest prices on quality products and the D-Link Wireless IP Cameras are no exception. So go ahead, visit Best Buy now and be in awe with their low prices—and probably grab one of those D-Link Wireless Cameras while you’re at it!

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