The Breville Steam Zone – A Great Holiday Gift for the Kitchen Enthusiast {2017 Holiday Gift Guide}

Do you have a kitchen enthusiast or a home chef on your Holiday buying list this year? Have you been at a loss as to what to get them because it seems like they already have everything in terms of the latest kitchen gadgets and gizmos for their kitchen already and you haven’t a clue as to what else to get for them?

Then perhaps the Breville Steam Zone may just be the thing you are looking for.  The Steam Zone is a precision steam cooker that has two separate cooking compartments. This means you can steam up your meat or fish and your veggies all in one go, without worrying about contamination. Say you want to cook a nice steamed chicken and veggie dish. No one wants to have to worry about salmonella because things weren’t cooked to the proper temperature and the chicken came into contact with your asparagus, now do they?

breville steam zone

breville food steamer

The Steam Zone is super convenient. It is a countertop device, and while you are steaming your foods in it, your stove is not being used for this purpose. This means you can either give your stove a break for the night, or use it to prepare other things.

The Breville Steam Zone has a unique shape so that it is set up perfectly to cook a whole fish. This means this is a great gift for the angler in the family as well.  You simply place the whole fish on the large steaming tray and it will steam up to perfection in just a short-term to be served at your table.

breville steamer zone

You can also use the two steaming baskets and cook two different foods at two different cooking times, all without having to have multiple steamers going in your kitchen.  Gone are the days of having to cook your meats and your veggies on separate appliances just to ensure proper cooking. This little baby does it all by pressing the Split Zone button.

Breville prides itself on providing appliances and devices for precision cooking for the home chef. They strive for perfection and deliver the products that people want at a cost that won’t break the bank.

When you cook food at a high temperature on an oven or grill, the outside will come to temperature quickly, while the inside still isn’t done yet.  But Breville’s precision cooking technology makes use of two principles, precise temperature and time.

By integrating these, they can ensure a quality product that is going to cook your food just right, every time, without a ton of babysitting like you would need in the oven to keep flipping and rotating and turning. When you are getting ready to entertain for the holidays, who has time for that? Am I right?

Breville’s Steam Zone has set it and forget it convenience. You just put your food in, set the time and temperature, and off you go. You come back when it is finished and find a perfectly cooked dish while you had time to make all your other preparations.

The Breville Steam Zone is available at a lot of your favorite department stores, as well as some of the higher end culinary stores, such as Williams Sonoma. Now, you know if they are carrying it, it must be a good, high-quality product that is worth considering this gift-giving season.


  • Rapid start 30-second turbo steam
  • 45-minute timer
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Solid and sleek stainless-steel baskets
  • Boil dry safety cutoff
  • Keep warm function – keep your food warm and ready to go for 15 minutes
  • Includes 2 baskets for steaming your foods
  • Easily add water while cooking, just pour it into the reservoir.

breville steamer zone

It really is just a super convenient way to set food up on your counter-top in the appliance to cook and not have to worry about it for a while. It makes steaming foods easy and foolproof for even a novice to perform.

This product is easy to put together and operate. Even the novice cook will be able to be ready to go and making wonderful meals in no time at all! I managed to cook asparagus and salmon within 10 mins and my kids love the dishes!

the breville steam zone

breville steamer

Beef and lamb are going to steam up very nicely and maintain their moisture and texture, so a lovely steamed pot roast may be just the thing to ring in the New Year!

I think one of the best things to steam are potatoes. Simply dice up your potatoes and set them to steam, and you can make enough mashed potatoes to feed even the largest holiday brood in no time at all!

Overall, the Breville Steam Zone is a wonderful kitchen product that any kitchen aficionado would probably love to receive as a gift this holiday season. Even the most discerning home chef is sure to be delighted to see this wrapped up under the tree this year!

And think of the added bonus. If you give this as a gift this holiday season, you are sure to be invited to some wonderful dinner parties with some delicious dishes!

This is sure to be a hit, so be sure to add it to your idea list if you have that hard to shop for person on your list this year. They will be sure to thank you, and you will feel good knowing you found them a gift that was unique and played to their interests while being functional and practical as well. And it looks pretty good on the counter, too.

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