Get Stompin’ With Bogs Footwear – 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Bogs Footwear

As the clichéd saying goes “girls can never have enough handbags”, the saying also rings true with shoes. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell a women that they have enough shoes, they will always go out and buy more as we women know and understand that with shoes – each one has its own specific purpose and to wear those shoes for another reason would be like a version of cross-pollination.

With the winter season creeping up and the weather turning cold which of course in Canada, means we will likely run into snow, we have to be prepared with the perfect shoes able to handle those blustery days. The answer my friends, is the Hudson Buckle from Bogs Footwear to glimpse a picture and pricing click on the link here.

Bogs Footwear Hudson Buckle

The Hudson Buckle, is a boot that is not only stylish but comfortable which means if you are going to be on your feet all day like myself, being a mother of a 4yr old daughter and then the extra weight added with a baby on the way – comfort is the number one aspect that you will be striving for when you are wanting to purchase new footwear and the Hudson Buckle definitely brings forth more comfort than any other shoe I have found.

bogs footwear

With the cold winter weather and the snow creeping up on us, that means that we will be watching on the weather report and following the weather forecasts of rain, sleet and snow on the looming forecast. So parents and women will not want to purchase a pair of shoes that will have your socks ending up soaked as the rain pours onto your shoes. Alas, female shoppers never fear as the Hudson Buckle also comes completely with a guarantee of being 100% waterproof. This is great especially as us parents know what our children are like when they see puddles, they want to jump in and out of them and eventually we have to succumb to the wading through puddles to pull them away and now with the Hudson Buckle I found myself free to wade through the puddles with my daughter without the added pressure of worry that my shoes were going to get wrecked.

As a mother the other thing that none of us ever want to be is the dowdy looking housewife , we all have a yearning to be stylish and with the Hudson Buckle it provides that air of classiness with its crafted richly textured quality leather. When buying your pair though, I would advise picking up a leather protector spray as this will help to keep the leather on your shoes from cracking or getting scuffed.

bogs footwear kids

And with Christmas coming up, it means present time for your children. Being a mother of a 4yr old daughter who at that age, they seem to forever grow out of shoes and be running in and out of the front door to play in the snow. As we know girls love purple, and this winter the perfect boots for your daughters or sons as they also have them in Black are the McKinley. They are the warmest children’s boot for those winter wonderland adventures. Constructed with 200grams of thinsulate = a form of insulation and lined with fleece. This boots are sure to keep your children’s feet and toes toasty warm. Even better is that they are 7mm waterproof and come with an odour protection insole so your child’s feet won’t end up sweating and stinking out the shoes. These shoes can be found here and come in a variety of different sizes.

So parents get clicking and are prepared for those wintery blues and cold blusters of wind, sleet and snow with the Hudson Buckle and McKinley. The other important thing to realize is that this winter your feet won’t only be comfortable and safe/dry in your waterproof shoes but you will also be the most stylish mother/daughter duo on the block as you strut down the road together with your shoes courtesy of Bogs Footwear.

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