Binky Spritz – Kid-Safe Cleaning Spray #Giveaway

Binky Spritz

As a mother of a 4yr old and one on the way , it’s hard to make sure that the child doesn’t pick up items off the ground as we all know where they go, straight into the mouth. As parents we are forever, carefully keeping an eye on our children and making sure that they don’t pick up rubbish off the ground, Lego pieces, food or anything that catches their eyes and they think to themselves – Hmmmm that looks yummy and POP, into the mouth it goes.

Kid-Safe Cleaning Spray

Now with Binky Spritz, our fears are taken away as Binky Spritz works as a sanitizer cleaning the germs away but is also safe to swallow and more importantly as we all aim to be as parents health-conscious with what our children digest – Binky Spritz is made of natural ingredients, alcohol-free, non- toxic and the most amazing news when buying a product like this it is Sugar-free and as children aren’t ones for bland and neutral flavours – Binky Spritz comes with an amazing zesty citrus tasting flavour.

Binky Spritz parents, is not just for those items that land on the floor- the ones they should be eating, not the others but can also be used on baby dummies, bottles , highchairs and as with my 4yr old daughter, we can use it for her spoons and eating utensils as well as her drinking cups.

And with the winter season, when it is easy to catch those nasty colds , Binky Spritz helps to prevent the germs when out and about as for example when you are like me and taking your daughter to the public toilets as it can be quite gross to think of the “other people” who use them. Before settling your daughter onto the toilet, be like me and spray Binky Spritz on the seat leaving it germ-free and sanitized for your daughter. Other uses can be car door handles, bike handles, pretend food, toys and of course we can’t forget the original use of the Binky. The world is your oyster to keep sanitized with your very own bottle of Binky Spritz.

Are you wondering how Binky Spritz can clean and fight away all those germs and bacteria’s? With the combination of all-natural ingredients, it can create an acidic environment in which the microbes can’t survive. The High levels of acidity in the lemons changes the pH levels in the bacteria cells which acts as an exterminator to a variety of microbes.

So parents, say goodbye to those wet wipes, paper towels and napkins and hello to Binky Spritz. Coming in a convenient 2.oz bottle, it is portable and easy to keep safe in your purse and diaper bag and all for a reasonable and inexpensive price of $5.99 a bottle or 2 for $11.98.

Check out for more details on how to order your very own Binky Spritz and join the Binky Revolution.

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**Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are honest, accurate, and not encouraged anyway by monetary donations. A sample free of charge was received from Celebrity Baby Trend Expert, Rachel Florio-Urso.

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