Bento Box Set with Carrying Case 2.0 by Laptop Lunch Review


Based on the original single-portion takeout meals, the improved Laptop Lunch Bento Box comes with a variety of containers to hold the food while keeping items clean, fresh and prohibits pieces of chipped plastic from mixing in with your child’s lunch since the material is made from 100% reusable material. The laptop lunch kit has worked wonders for my young daughter and me.

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bento box set

The laptop lunch company was founded by two regular moms who wanted to make a difference by promoting nutritional ideas, preventing containers from squishing snacks, easy access, and working with many environmental organizations. Consumers will be happy to know laptop lunch bento boxes extend a sensible way of saving of disposable items, prevents pollutes from being exposed in the surrounding areas and saves large amounts of money parents usually would have to spend on their children’s lunch each school year. The product can be purchased on reuse, as a bonus the bento box set with carrying case comes in two alien and flower designs for both genders of that will put a smile on your child’s face.

Features that I enjoy about the Bento Box Set With carrying case 2:

  • Recycled plastics (polypropylene and polyethylene) that are FDA-approved for food use
  • BPA-free, also free of phthalates and lead
  • thermal carrying case
  • Big Savings
  • Neatly Packed
  • Alien and flower designs
  • Balances Temperature
  • Prohibits germs
  • Dry/Wet foods
  • Dishwasher Approved

I am always worried about when my daughter opens up her lunch at school or on a field trip the items that I have packed have spoiled or become rock hard; due to the constant change of the weather or temperature inside the building but the set makes sure everything is in order. Dry and wet food can be put inside the provided lidded and un-lidded containers plus the dipping container and 12 oz. sport bottle so fresh drinks are provide during the day. The bento box can be easily used in my dishwasher but most preferably on the top rack. Bento box, containers, utensil set, and book are made in USA. Carrying case and sports bottle are made in China. The two countries wanted to make a change in the way lunch kits could be changed to make a better lunch period for kids and making it easy for parents to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this product will benefit everyone.

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