American Girl Doll Outfit from The Queen’s Treasures {Review And Giveaway}

The Queens Treasures

I was sent an American Girl Doll Doughnut Girl Uniform from The Queen’s Treasures to review, however all opinions expressed are my own.

donut girl uniform

As you can see from the above picture, the dress comes in a very nice thick plastic package with a hanger. It looks lovely even in the package. I was curious to see how much the doll uniform looked like the Salvation Army donut uniforms the women really wore in WW1, so I looked it up. This doll dress is a very accurate replica! 

donut girl uniform back

The back of the package, tells the history of how the Doughnut Girls came to be during WW1. It was very interesting to read about how 2 women who were assigned to comfort the home-sick soldiers, decided to comfort them with food that would warm their stomachs and hearts. They had to make due with the tools and ingredients they had, but they were able to make it work. It also talks about how Salvation Army has continued to help people, even to this day. It encourages the girls to do the same thing now and find a way to help change the world in a positive way.

I was very impressed with the quality of the doll dress, the accuracy to the real uniforms, the history lesson on the back, and the encouragement for the girls to make a difference in the world.  With all the bad images and negative things our girls are exposed to today, it’s really heart-warming to see a company like The Queen’s Treasures doing such an excellent job to provide role-models and positive things for our girls to play with and aspire to be.

My daughter is 16, so I couldn’t have her help me review this doll uniform; so, I asked a 2nd grade girl in my class to help me review it.  When I first told her about this project, she was so excited!  She absolutely loves her American Girl doll! I brought the dress to her and her mother, and they loved it!  They thought the uniform looked lovely and they really liked the description on the back.  Her mom was going to use it as a project to teach her daughter some things about our history (her mom is a teacher). The dress fit her doll perfectly and she really enjoys playing with her doll in the dress. Last week, she addressed her family journal to her doll, so the doll read it while wearing the doughnut girl uniform.  This morning she told me that last night she played school with her American Girl doll in the uniform. I’m so happy she’s enjoying it. I asked her for a picture of her doll wearing the uniform, but she said she can’t find the doll’s brush, and the doll’s hair is a mess, so she can’t take a picture of her like that!  2nd grade girls are so funny and cute!

Besides American Girl doll clothes, The Queen’s Treasures also carries American girl doll accessories, furniture, gift sets, and everything you need to have a tea party with your doll. They are a wonderful company with a cute looking website that appeals to young and old alike.  Here’s the website so you can look at it yourself and find some great American Girl Doll things for your daughter or granddaughter to play with:

WIN American Girl Doll Doughnut Girl Uniform from The Queen’s Treasures!

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By Brenda

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  1. Kathy Davis says:

    I just bought my granddaughter an American Girl doll. All she has is a nightgown. Poor doll needs more clothes. Would love to win this outfit.

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