Abundance Naturally Baby Gift Set


Abundance Naturally is a Canadian company that supplies health and wellness products in Canada and even in Australia. All their products are of high-quality and natural that the whole family can enjoy. They have products for all ages – from babies to teens to adults. And all of these products are 100% organic and natural.

Abundance Naturally Baby Gift Set

I was sent the Abundance Naturally Baby Gift Set for review. It’s perfect for newborn baby because all of these products are organic and they won’t cause irritation on baby’s skin.

The gift set includes their signature Baby Balm Soothing Diaper Rash Balm, Bum Bum Spray Diaper Change Cleansing Spray, Bubble Wash Tearless Shampoo and Baby Wash, Baby Oil Calming Massage Oil and Belly Butter Skin Salve for Expectant Mothers.

Baby Balm Soothing Diaper Rash Balm

Abundance Naturally baby balm

You know how most of the time babies’ skin is very sensitive that causes negative reaction to almost anything? Well, Abundance Naturally has created a very soothing and effective rash balm that eases the itchiness and dryness of those diaper rashes but as well as other skin irritations such as burns, minor cuts, dry itchy skin, and even cradle cap. It is made up of several organic ingredients that are known to ease skin itchiness and irritation, inflamed tissues, and even sun damage. This soothing balm will also moisturize your little ones’ precious skin.

Baby Bubble Wash

Abundance Naturally Baby Bubble Wash

Made from natural ingredients that will definitely make bath time easier for you and your baby, Abundance Naturally’s Baby Bubble Wash is friendly to the kids. It will not irritate them since the ingredients are tear-free mild formula of lavender flower, aloe vera and chamomile. The healing Aloe Vera leaf juice is rich in Vitamins B&C and folic acid to  moisturize baby’s skin. With the convenient foam pump, it makes the bath time much easier for me.

Bum Bum Spray

Abundance Naturally bum bum spray

Those wet wipes may accidentally cause friction to your baby’s skin but with Bum Bum Spray, you won’t need those disposable wipes. This is a better organic alternative to those wipes that may cause skin irritation as it contains a lot of chemicals. Not only does this product cleanse your baby’s bums, it can also be used as a first-aid. It can clean minor cuts and scrapes without the sting! It’s great on-the-go!

Baby Oil Calming Massage Oil

Abundance Naturally Baby Oil

To calm and soothe your baby, you don’t have to use those petroleum derived baby oils which is synthetic and irritating. I love this Abundance Naturally Baby Oil. It’s 100% made up of organic ingredients that has better results to calm baby. No need to worry with skin irritation and strong scent for the baby!

Belly Butter

Abundance Naturally Baby Belly Butter

Last item on the gift set is the belly butter for mothers-to-be and nursing moms. It salves stretch marks, itchy and dry skin, and even cracked nipples. It would definitely benefit expectant mothers to soothe and moisturize their hormone-induced pregnancy bodies.

Abundance Naturally provides better organic alternatives to chemically induced moisturizing products. It minimizes harmful effects but still gives out the best soothing and calming results! The gift set has great products with an affordable price that every mother should buy!

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