Fun Toys for the Holiday Season {2017 Holiday Gift Guide}

Are you on the hunt for that last-minute holiday toy to finish off your holiday shopping this year? Do you need that final spectacular stocking stuffer to set your gift giving over the top? Zuru Toys has you covered.

Zuru takes play to the next level. Their toys are kid-inspired for imaginative play, and they feature a great line of innovative products sure to please even the most discerning kid on your shopping list this season.  Zuru Toys products are available in over 120 countries, and they have partnerships with such companies as Nickelodeon, Disney, and DreamWorks.  Being linked up with names like that, they must be doing something right.

Today, we’ll feature a few products from Zuru Toys that are sure to please this holiday season.

Mayka Tape

Originally marketed under a different name when first launched on Indiegogo, Mayka tape will stick to virtually any surface, so that you can use your favorite building blocks anywhere!

Have you ever wanted to use your building blocks upside down? Well, with Mayka Tape, now you can. Simply apply some Mayka Tape, and build away to your heart’s content!

Mayka Tape is an innovative product that makes any surface a viable baseplate for your favorite building block products. It is compatible with all of the major brands and completely changes the face of building block play.

Fidget Cubes

fidget cube

Who has not seen the Fidget Cube somewhere, whether on an internet advertisement or in someone’s hands these days?

The Fidget Cube is an innovative design by Antsy Labs that has taken the fidget world by storm. They are the top toy of the season and are great for fidgeters of all ages.  They are great for taming stress and anxiety. 

For people with conditions like ADHD and autism, the Fidget Cube has been one of the hottest things to hit the market ever. People who fidget tend to find themselves with increased focus and productivity, so this is not just for kids!

Do you have someone on your shopping list this year who is constantly clicking their pen or tapping their leg? Then the Fidget Cube may just be the gift for them this year. 

Fidget Cubes are excellent for the kid (or adult) in your life who is easily distracted if they do not have something to do with their hands. With six different surfaces and a variety of different things to keep you fidgeting, from a shiny silver ball that rolls, to gears to spin, to buttons that click, and a simulated switch to click back and forth, there really is something for everyone here.

And Zuru Toys even has some awesome, fun Marvel themed Fidget Cubes, featuring some of the hottest Marvel characters. With their Marvel line featuring the characters of Ironman, Hulk, Spiderman, and Captain America, there is something to please everyone.


The Tangle was one of the earliest fidget toys to hit the market. But it can be so much more than a fidget toy. It is also a puzzle. It makes a fun brain teaser to keep your mind sharp.  It is also a movable sculpture and desktop toy.

Tangles are great fun and will never be exactly the same twice. Every time you pick it up to play with it, it is going to give you a unique experience.

There are a variety of styles available, from the classic Tangle to the Crazy Tangle, which has a variety of textured sections.  There is also a really cool metallic Tangle that will appease everyone who is obsessed with the shiny! And there is also a glittery, sparkly Tangle.

The Tangle provides sensory and motor stimulation.  It has been found to help stimulate and maintain attention and has even been shown to improve math scores and grades and reading comprehension scores. 

So, if you are looking for that last minute holiday toy to purchase this holiday season, be sure to check out Zuru Toys for one of these great products. There really is something for every kid or toy lover on your list this holiday season.

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