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Nutrition bars almost have the same taste regardless of the flavor. Sometimes you taste those berries or nuts they put in but the strongest flavor would be the dried paper-like aftertaste. But I still like nutrition bars because they are very convenient to eat and it fills the hungry stomach easily, plus they have the specific vitamins and minerals your body needs.

I particularly like Zone Perfect because they do not have preservatives in their nutrition bars. As what their tagline says they have all-natural nutrition bars. Aside from that, ZonePerfect has got to be the most creative brand when it comes to their flavors. They’re not afraid to try out different combinations that would surely satisfy one’s palate. They have a lot of flavors to choose from and they’ve categorized these flavors – Classic, Fruitified, Dark Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Sweet & Salty, and they’re newest flavor line for nutrition bars, the Perfectly Simple.

ZonePerfect introduced three flavors under the Perfectly Simple category – Peanut Crunch, Toasted Coconut, and Cranberry Almond. Now, it’s called Perfectly Simple because these nutrition bars have around six to ten ingredients, no preservatives, no added coloring, have 10 grams of protein per bar and are absolutely gluten-free. Perfectly Simple aims to boost your energy and give you nutrients even with just few ingredients.

Texture wise, Perfectly Simple nutrition bars were flawlessly made – it’s not too sticky like Rice Krispies nor is it too loose that when you open the packaging, it’d be too messy. The bars are sticky when you touch it with your hands. But when you take a bite, it’d be the right amount of chewiness and hardness. When you try the Peanut Crunch, you’d have that crunch despite its soft texture. The Cranberry Almond has that chewiness in it because of the cranberry bits in the bar. As for the Toasted Coconut, it’s soft, moist, and crunchy. The flavors are really wonderful. I like the taste of Toasted Coconut because you’ll really have that tropical feel with each bite. The Cranberry Almond has that sweet flavor but is neutralized by the almond. For the Peanut Crunch flavor, that is to die for. I am amazed by how ZonePerfect can just really come up with these flavorful treats.

These bars will surely make you feel full after consuming them and will definitely make you feel energized all throughout the day. Perfectly Simple nutrition bars are perfect for the family because it doesn’t have any aftertaste. All three flavors taste wonderful that everyone in the family will absolutely love it. My husband likes these nutrition bars and he has been eating them in between meals. My personal favorite would be the Peanut Crunch because it tasted just right – not too sweet but not too bland. It doesn’t have that dry feeling in the mouth after you eat it.

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