Give the English Rose Collection by Yardley this Mother’s Day!

Yardley London goes back many years having always been a successful company that offers popular products ideal for anyone who desires to carry a luxurious fragrant. As Mother’s Day is right around the corner, Yardley products are the perfect gift for any mother! With lotions, perfumes, body mists, soaps, and body powders Yardley offers many different scents to best suit each mother out there.


The English Rose fragrance is featured in almost every product they offer. The luxury soap, talc, body wash, and eau de toilette otherwise known as a perfume, all pair nicely together to leave every mother smelling of floral and warm citrus tones.

Whether you’re beginning your morning with the English Rose Moisturizing Body Wash or the English Rose Luxury Soap, they both will leave any mother feeling cleansed while smelling wonderfully of floral and warm citrus tones. The luxury soap is triple milled creating a rich and creamy lather when applied to the skin. Both help start the day off feeling moisturized and silky smooth. 

Most people whether they are mothers or not, have a morning routine while getting ready for the day. Following bathing, applying the English Rose Perfumed Talc is the next step in perfecting a morning routine. The talc will leave the skin feeling soft while maintaining the English Rose fragrance.

Finding the perfect fragrance to match your style and taste can be difficult but Yardley offers so many scents that all smell luxurious in their own way. Every mother will be able to find the perfect scent that suits her. The English Rose creates a combination of flowers while keying in on the rose notes. It’s warm and velvety to maintain a comforting sensation on top of the floral hints. As a mother myself, I would love receiving a Yardley product because the delicate smell of flowers mixed with warm tones is a comforting scent to carry!

The Eau De Toilette line Yardley offers is very popular because of their variety. The English Rose goes right along with the other products. It’s in so many words a perfume or body spray that works great with the other products like talc and body washes. Spraying lightly onto your main pulse points at the beginning of the day will help maintain the English Rose scent throughout the day. The lingering scent will catch everyone’s attention! Mom’s wearing English Rose will have heads turning in delight at the scent they’re carrying.

The Yardley collection has so many different products to choose from. This Mother’s Day give a product from the English Rose fragrance line to your loved one! Show Mom you appreciate her by sharing the luxurious and delightful products of Yardley with her.

Although Yardley is made within the UK, they ship their products all over the world on their website where all of their products are offered at a great price. There are other retailers such as pharmacies and department stores that offer Yardley products as well if you’re in a hurry to last minute shop for mom! Go get the English Rose line today and give mom the opportunity to turn heads when walking in public!!

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