Sleek. Stylish. Effortless. Introducing WillLand Selection {Mother’s Day Gift Guide}

WillLand as released a new line of bags that is geared towards a more fashion sense of style. Based upon street styles and made for Canadians, WillLand created WillLand Selection that makes accessorizing simple yet still stylish. They have made this new line perfect for any activities whether they’re during the day or at night; Endless hours of shopping, running errands, or even for date night. 

The newest line “WillLand Selection” was created with a simple design but quality ensured. Each product is designed with real genuine leather and heavy-duty cotton canvases making for an everlasting bag. The new line seems aimed at being fashionable yet still sticking to classic looks that will never go out of style. 

The WillLand Selection Hand Pouch is offered in two colors Dark Night, or Olive. Otherwise known as black or green. The black is perfect and as always timeless. Black goes with just about any outfit possible.

willland selection

willland selection hand pouch

The Hand Pouch is perfect for taking something small when shopping or if you don’t want to lug a big purse when meeting friends for drinks. 


The premium silver metal zippers ensure that nothing will fall out. Most of the time when I take my Hand Pouch, I’m only taking the most important items; money, phone, keys. So, the zipper protects all of those! 

The Hand Pouch is also designed with another accessory that can hold cards or ID cards for easy access. Instead of having to dig through when paying at the store, it’s right there to grab and swipe. 

Being made with genuine leather and a heavy-duty cotton canvas has given me a sense of ease knowing it was made with quality. It’s a great feeling purchasing something that is made with such care because it ensures me it will be long lasting. 

Any mother wants a small and easy bag that they can grab when they’re on the run. Carrying a big purse around is nice sometimes but being able to grab my pouch that hangs right next to my keys is the easiest for me because I already that know everything I need’s in it. I don’t have to spend an extra five minutes digging around making sure everything I need is in there. Any mother will appreciate that when trying to rush out the door in the morning with the kids. 

WillLand has always made quality ensured and versatile bags for Canadians but this newest line has changed the way fashion is viewed here. It’s stylish yet still casual, which is hard to find among bag designers. It’s normally either just stylish and fancy or just casual. The mix of both is great for moms like I who spend time running kids around but also enjoys grabbing a drink with friends once the day is over. 

WillLand bags offer all kinds of lines for everyone’s needs. They have travel lines, sports bag lines, backpacks and now their fashionable lines as well. The majority of their products are also designed in different styles. So the Hand Pouch also their totes and backpacks that are designed similarly but are obviously different products. This makes it fun to mix and match while still going with the style you prefer. WillLand Selection products are all designed in Canada and are offered at their online site

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