Whiffer Sniffers Unveils Hottest New Collectible Series 5 Collection

Kids these days love collecting things. Kids have really always had a knack for collecting, but in this day and age, collecting is more widespread and there are so many more options than there used to be. It’s not just baseball and Pokémon cards anymore. No matter what piques your kid’s interest, they can probably find something that they love to collect.  In the 90s, you were stuck with ridiculous things like Pogs, those ugly little cardboard disks that were basically pieces of garbage until someone discovered that kids would actually spend money on them.  Or, you might have settled for the equally ugly Trolls dolls.  Yes, previous generations were seriously shortchanged when it came to collectibles, but today’s young collectors can actually stockpile things that are cute.  One adorable product that is gaining popularity with kids is called Whiffer Sniffers.

whiffer sniffers

Whiffer Sniffers are small plush characters that smell like what they look like. They come in all sorts of styles and scents.  Some of these sweet little characters that I received are:  Perry the pear, Strawberry Twirl, Birthday Cake Jake, and Rudy B. Floats, the root beer float. Whiffer Sniffers aren’t just cute; they smell absolutely divine.  The scents aren’t super overwhelming, as they’re created to give off a light and pleasant scent that anyone can enjoy. And kids really do enjoy them. There’s something about a toy birthday cake that really smells like cake that kids just love. There are also scents that are perfect for the coming holidays such as pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice doughnut, and eggnog.

All of the characters feature bright colors and fun, friendly features. The characters’ faces are legitimately cute, not cute in a creepy way like the aforementioned Trolls. Another bonus is that they all have their own very unique design. They were created using hand drawn sketches, and were thoughtfully illustrated to reflect the individual characteristics of each Whiffer Sniffer. These playful toys are a cinch to transport. In fact, they were designed to easily snap onto a book bag, lunchbox, or purse via the clip provided. Or, you might be able to convince your kid to leave one in the car so that you can benefit from the amazing scent, which will last for at least a year.

In addition to the regular characters, I also received a couple of mystery packs, which kids go nuts over these days. They love the thrill of discovering what’s inside of a mysterious package. The mystery packs contain one of the characters that are pictured on the outside of the tube that they come in. Some of the characters are standard, but some are limited addition rare and super rare varieties. The mystery boxes are the only place you can find these rare and super rare characters.  They are also the only place you can find one of the 2 for 1 Sniffer Mixes, which is a special pack that includes 2 characters.  If your child happens to open a mystery pack to find a Whiffer Sniffer that they already have, they can always trade it with a friend for one they don’t have.  Or, you can preserve a duplicate Whiffer Sniffer in the unopened tube.  That way, when an older one loses its scent, the extra one can be removed from the unopened package, and the scent will be completely intact.

I love these little collectibles because they provide a great hobby for kids. Collecting instills a sense of pride in children, as they become very knowledgeable about a specific item.  They know which characters are retired, which ones are rare, and which are super rare.  Collecting encourages interaction among children and gives them a jumping off point when they are trying to make new friends. It also teaches them negotiation skills, which can be helpful for building communication and compromising skills.  Collecting is especially beneficial for shy children who need a little extra help figuring out how to connect with their classmates.  It creates the same effect of being in a club, drawing kids together around a particular shared interest. 

Collectibles are also an organic way for kids to learn responsibility.  Instead of someone else constantly reminding them to keep up with their things, they start to hold themselves to a certain standard, because it’s their collection that’s at stake.  No one else is affected if they lose a certain collectible that they worked hard to find, so its up to them to make sure that they exercise caution when carting their items around.

Whiffer Sniffers correspond with Consumer Product Safety Commission safety guidelines and the fragrances meet the IFRA standards for fragrances in toys, making these products totally safe for your little ones. They are great for kids 3 years and older. You can purchase Whiffer Sniffers directly at whiffersniffers.com or visit their website to locate a store that carries them.

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