VTech Lil’ Critters Magical Discovery Mirror Review

Keeping tiny humans happy and entertained is hands down one of the most important goals us parents strive to maintain. Toys, books, and today even electronics are what keep our children of all ages entertained throughout their daily routine of eating, playing, and sleeping. Vtech, a well-known brand for children and baby toys have released an improved way for babies 0 months and older, to have fun while learning about the nature of animals and familiar sounds. The newest toy is the Lil’ Critters Magical Discovery Mirror.

Vtech Discovery Mirror

About the “Lil’ Critters Magical Discovery Mirror™“

The newly released toy by Vtech is geared towards the use of babies. The elephant shaped body has adjustable and easy to use straps for cribs. This, as many of you can imagine is great for when your babies are rolling around instead of sleeping. The best part is that it can be utilized outside of the crib too! This toy can be used on the floor as well so your baby can stay entertained while you’re catching up around the house! 

vtech lil critters magical discovery mirror

It is a brightly colored, elephant shaped body with a mirror inside of it. Beneath the mirror is a star that can be pressed or pulled on that makes cute, animated animals appear giving your babies a chance to get familiar with animals. Aside from the adorable animals, the butterfly roller ball creates musical sounds that are not only appealing to baby’s ears but mine as well! 

The mirror is a great chance for babies to get familiar with animals, nature sounds, and music. Creators of the mirror aimed at helping it develop motor skills at a very, young age which, I don’t think any parent can deny the yearn for their babies to learn about life! Having two children of my own that are out of the baby stage, I wish this product would have been available for my children when they were babies because of all the spectacular features it offers. The bright colors and an array of distinct but still sensitive sounds make this toy unique from any others that my own children have ever had. 

Although, the mirror is directed towards newborns and up, it is safe to say I don’t think newborn babies would be capable of pressing or pulling the star yet. I do however, think it could potentially be stimulating for them to watch the animals if mom or dad were to push or pull on it for them. If not for the animation, the sounds would be something different but, soothing for them to listen to. With that, I think if and when your baby or toddler is capable of using their hands to express emotion that this would be the perfect time to introduce the magical mirror to their fresh, little minds. 

Finding the “Lil’ Critters Magical Discovery Mirror”

Vtech has an array of toys with learning enhancements for children of all ages. Being able to find entertainment for your tiny humans that also contribute to their learning is both a win for you, (mom’s and dads) and for them. Vtech products are available to find at most toy stores and large retailers including their online website. Their site offers a simple way to view each toy by age category, which happens to be especially helpful if you have more than one child that at different ages like, myself. 

It is wonderful that toy companies like Vtech are aiming to make children’s experience growing up better by incorporating learning and entertainment into one. Taking this direction offers more out of toys than just playing with them. The “Lil’ Critters Magical Discovery Mirror” should be apart of every babies daily routine.

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