Tile Mate…Thinking Beyond Our Imaginations {Valentine’s Day Gift Guide}

It’s that time of year again! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching (wasn’t Christmas just about ten minutes ago??). There are limitless possibilities out there when thinking about gifts for loved ones, and even friends, for Valentine’s Day.

Tile Mate

Tile Mate is an ingenious little idea that is a problem solver in multiple ways. A new, innovative way to find missing articles, it can be attached to almost anything that you don’t want to lose. It is appropriately sized to attach even to the smallest items securely. With a keyhole punched in one corner, Tile Mate is easily added to any keychain, to any string, or to any name tag on a piece of luggage. Using customized adhesives that are sold separately, it also will stick to cellphones, ipads, and absolutely any other items of importance that need a little extra security. Also sold separately are one zip strap to use in attaching the Tile to a bicycle, a carriage or stroller, or scooter, and one iron on pocket so that the Tile can be attached to clothing items. Adhesives can be used to attach the Tile securely to flat surfaced items. These accessories can be purchased economically in the Mate Accessories Bundle or can be bought separately.

This is how the Tile Mate works. Attach a Tile to whatever item you want. Set it for a choice of four rings that are preset upon purchase. When you are not able to locate the item the Tile is attached to, you simply click on the Tile app on your phone and you will hear the Tile attached to the lost item ring even if you can’t see it. In the event that you have misplaced your phone, even if it’s been set on silent, just press the Tile on any other item you’ve attached them to, and you will be able to hear the Tile attached to your phone ringing. If the item you Tiled still cannot be found, just pull up the same app on your phone and a map will show you the item’s last location.

Tile Mate is guaranteed to be maintenance free for one year. It will need no recharging and no battery replacement during that time. The customer doesn’t even have to think about it. When the time for a new Tile is approaching, the company contacts the customer with information on their ReTile program which will enable the user to upgrade the Tiles for their continued use. Bluetooth technology is what is used in locating lost or misplaced items. Its range is up to 100 feet, but it is most efficient when it is within a range of 30 feet or so. Beyond that, as I mentioned earlier, customers can access the app on their phone to find out where the item was last placed or seen.

Another demonstration of the amazing technology of Tile Mate is this. If an item is lost, and is out of Bluetooth range, and even off the radar of the phone app, the customer can label it as lost. A message is then sent out to the “community” of Tile Mate owners. If someone with their own Tile happens to be within range of the lost item, or comes across it in their travels, the owner of the item will receive a message telling them where their item has been located.

This is another item exhibiting how far our technology has come that leaves us shaking our heads and saying “What will they think of next??” And, what better way to tell your loved ones you care than by giving them this most practical of gifts that will undoubtedly surpass their wildest imaginations!

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