2012 Back to School Guide – TikTok Wrist Watch Band & Touch Pen from LunaTik (Giveaway)


I recently got my hands on probably the best gadget combo for the upcoming school season. It, I must say, is a recommended duo for all back-to-school goers this month, especially older ones like incoming college kids. As we all know, school is about to start any time soon and most of you may have started getting ready for it. Number one to prepare of course are school stuff. Whether you are the student or you are a parent of a student, school stuff is a priority. But with the age of technology we have now, we may want to consider getting a few gadgets for school, too.

tiktok wrist band

I am currently enjoying these: TikTok Wrist Watch Band and the Touch Pen, all from LUNATIK, designed by Scot Wilson who is also the founder of Minimal Design Studio. Both of which I think are great school essentials.


The TikTok Wrist Watch Band is designed for the savvy iPod Nano 6th generation. Users of the said iPod could just snap it in the band for a stylish wrist watch. It is made of dust-proof rubber silicon material so you really don’t have to worry about getting it dirty when at school. It comes in colors white and CMYK colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and key or black). Its strap has several slots which means it can fit your wrist no matter how big or small it is. It is perfect for everyday use, no need to screw and unscrew the iPod Nano in and out (the previous versions were so) and is very user-friendly. Even kids could have one! You just have to consider the cost of getting the iPod itself, though.

Now, from the makers of this crafty Tik Tok Wrist Watch Band comes the genius stylus pen named Touch Pen. Well, you might conclude from these point that this is just another pen for touch screen devices, but, mind you, this gives you the best of both worlds. How?

Touch Pen  

You see, writing with the use of pen and paper will be forever part of our living be it at school, work or home. And, offering the same thing as pen and paper but with the use of a stylus pen are the touch screen devices which are becoming widely used everywhere by everyone already. You may always bring both the traditional pen and the stylus—pull out the other when you need it, then pull the other one out again when you need it, and again and again. This is where Touch Pens become handy: it is both an ink-generated pen AND a touch screen pen with just a click on top of it like what we normally do with retractable pens.

It comes with the colors depending on the material the case is made of. Touch Pen Alloys are in aluminum barrels that come in black, red, and silver while the Touch Pen Polymers are in durable polymer. Both kinds have a silicon grip for a secured hold and have a remarkable precision feat either on paper or pixels!

Students can’t just neglect the use of a pen to be replaced by a stylus pen or the other way around. But these modern times offer gadgets for multiple uses through devices like an iPad that can be for school or for personal use. A Touch Pen is just an answer for that, making them do away with bringing both pens. Plus, its ink cartridges can be replaced when the ink runs out.

Just the other day, I was scribbling some random notes on my iPad when I suddenly remembered having to leave a post-it note by the refrigerator. I didn’t have to get a pen for the paper just to do so. It makes writing convenient and practical, considering that as a mom and a writer, I will always find a need of a pen and paper, as well as an iPad and a Touch Pen.

With LunaTik’s babies, the Tik Tok Wrist Watch Band and the Touch Pen, you can say that you, or your kids, are so ready to be back in school—and really excited, too. Just wait and hear those “ooh!”, “aah!” and the compliments in between that you’ll get for being so cool for school.

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