The Harmonica Pocket’s “Apple apple” CD Review

the harmonica pocket

The Harmonica Pocket just gained two new fans. The band’s new album “Apple Apple” is a compilation of cheerful and fun children’s songs. My daughter, who is 4 years old, is in love with the entire album, and as an adult I can shamelessly say so am I. My daughter especially likes “Little Little Baby”, which she sings during car rides, while cleaning her room, while helping me cook dinner, during playtime, and pretty much any other waking moment. She proudly proclaims that the Washington state band’s newest CD is her most favorite ever, ever.

Ideal for preschool-aged children, “Apple Apple” is an album of 14 songs with easy listening and catchy lyrics that spark the imagination. There are many albums made for kids that seem produced purposely to annoy parents while their children play them over and over…and over. However, this is definitely not the case with “Apple Apple.” The Harmonica Pocket has done the right thing by parents, making sure that the music is a pleasure to listen to by both kids and adults. If you only pay attention to the instruments rather than the lyrics, you most likely would not even notice that they are singing songs called “Diaperman” and “Turkey in the Straw”. That is just how good the music is. Also, the singer’s voice is sweet to the listener’s ears. I honestly do not mind listening to “I’m Gonna Count” with its head-bopping beat. The songs have a whimsical pop feel to them, combined with jazz and an acoustic touch. If I were to compare The Harmonica Pocket to a current mainstream pop artist, a name that comes to mind is Jason Mraz, but they also remind me of The Eagles or similar bands from that era.

I have never heard of The Harmonica Pocket until this summer when I was looking for some fresh new entertainment for my little girl. I received “Apple Apple” that it has basically just hit the market and has already won the Fall 2012 Parents’ Choice Gold Award. I never actually heard of Parents’ Choice until I was looking for CDs, but with a quick search I learned that it’s an organization that picks the best of the best of media and toys for kids. So, I would say that it is a reliable source for kids’ stuff, and I am glad I have this album based on their award.


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