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It was such an honor to be chosen as one of the Baby’s Room Ambassador for Sears Canada! This is really a great chapter of my blogging experience and I couldn’t think of any other perfect time than now to be a part this since I’m a mom and expecting. It would be so much fun to be involved in such an innovation especially made for moms and babies and to think that this would run for the next six months is just amazing.

As part of this new “role”, I had a tour around the new and improved Sears – The Baby’s Room Department. I have been to Sears countless times to shop in that department about four years ago and now that I’ve returned, the changes really surprised me—and got me really excited! There were lots of adorable and useful baby stuff around me and I was just ready to shop right then and there. Since it was a tour, I guess that would have to wait.

The manager was not there when we went there. We were welcomed by another sales associate and she was so ecstatic to show us around the new place. She mastered everything around and was proud to let us know that their sales people around were highly-trained and that they were greatly prepared for this innovation. As I got to the area, I was amazed by how well-lighted, cozy-looking and spacious the whole place is considering they have a lot of products in-store. They set-up and designs were really pleasing to the eye, something like what moms and babies would like to see or feel (as an aura of the place) while doing their shopping. I noticed that since walking aisles are wide, strollers or shopping carts can freely move around. What’s even greater is that they have actually put the bathrooms and a nice nursing room in that department. How smart of them to do that because you know, moms and babies are the most frequent customers in that department…so a place nearby for some privacy and calming down is just great! The whole department is now divided into five sections: Nursery section, Travel section, Feeding, Bath & Accessories and Gifting.

sear nursery

I could never be more thrilled than to be in the Nursery area. I love how they arranged mock nursery rooms. The set-ups were absolutely adorable and had pieces that match all-together so customers can picture it as a set in their own homes. They have a wide range of crib mattresses, linens, cribs, changing tables, rugs, lamps, and so much more. Their themes are plenty enough to suit every customer’s taste.

sears car seats

sears baby strollers

sears travel accessories

The Travel section showcased everything we could need for baby’s safety and comfort while on the go. When I first did my shopping for my daughter in a different store, I remember how inconvenient it was being at the stroller and car seat department because every piece was clamped up in one place and getting to try it out will take so much effort. But, in the reinvented Sears-The Baby’s Room, strollers and car seats were arranged in a lined position, kind of like shoes in a shop window. With that positioning, shoppers can actually push the stroller for a try with minimal effort or take a closer look at the car seats with out the hassle. Also, each product in The Baby’s Room comes with a code which can be scanned through a smart/android/iPhone for more info about that item.

sears feeding

For the Feeding section, the variety of products there was caught my attention. From feeding bottles, breast pumps, bibs and high chairs to bottle sterilizer and puree maker—it was a haven. Sears really stuck to their belief that healthy feeding is important with their gesture of including so many items that involves healthy eating and natural food-making for young ones.

sears bath

The Bath and Accessories had excellent choices of everything moms and babies could need for some safe, fun and no-stress bath time. They have items that will child-proof your bathroom.

Finally, their Gifting section is the right place to get those gift-ready baby items. Most products come in really dainty bundles or packaging already so it is good to go as a baby shower or Christmas present.

Changes are good and Sears has definitely done an excellent job on planning and making their renovations and improvements happen. They even made it extra special by making us, their ambassadors, a part of this. To celebrate these wonderful changes, they have made October their “Everything Baby” Month where shoppers can enjoy great sales and discounts from October 12th to 25th! So hurry and avail of their sale and just be amazed on the innovations Sears has made.

Disclosure: I am part of the Sears – The Baby’s Room Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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