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Here’s a review for a company I am very excited to tell you about. This company is called EcoUsable and it carries large selection of stainless and PBA free bottles. Healthy parents will raise healthy babies. Other than clean air clean toxin-free water is the basic but most import life sustaining food source in this universe.

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EcoUsable understands this important fact that many tend to ignore. All of us want to have a better world for our future and our next generation. The global warming issue is on the new almost every day and the problem of this is that the matter is getting worse and worse faster than anyone has ever expected. We have the ability to stop this but to accomplish noticeable improvement, everyone must work together. I am not asking you to stop driving your car, eating off the field and start living like the Tarzen in the jungle. But slowly cutting back on the production of water bottle is an easy and effortless task that everyone can do. Imagine how many tones of waste and pollution we can cut back by using our own bottle water instead of buying bottle water and then creating waste as we finished drinking. Using our own bottle water not only will save you money but can help improve the global warming issue a lot. Our family has been trying our best to be more environmentally friendly by switching our daily products into a more eco-friendly brands and alternatives. We are proud to be part of the Earth saver. I mean if we can, you can too. If you are not already part of the earth friendly culture, you can start by simply switching to use your own bottle water instead of the prepackaged bottle water Check out for your favorite bottle from the large selection of products they carry.

Who is EcoUsable Inc.?

Ecousable, Inc. invents, produces and markets reusable eco-friendly products that are fashionable and affordable for everyone. Our company’s product line is founded on its desire to save our natural resources in an ecologically, environmentally and economical way. The two flagship products, Water Wrapz™ (a removable and reusable band to identify your water bottle) and EcoUsable bottles (Stainless Steel bottle that are 100% recyclable) reduce the amount of plastic water bottles one uses, while saving money everyday. The Company will also offer other planet-friendly products manufactured by sustainable companies looking to make a difference in the world. Our mission is to be the premiere online source for eco-shopping, offering reusable eco-friendly products, to reduce the carbon footprint for the future generations.”

Joey, the Founder and CEO of EcoUsable recently won the Manhattan beach Environmental Entrepreneur of the Year Award. This award marks the new age of bottle water and it indicates that more and more people are switch over and one day, soon I hope, there will be no more environmentally harmful bottle water in the market. There are many water bottle companies out there and yet the award only claimed by Joey’s EcoUsable Inc., that means there is something special about the products that others just can’t compete. Also, you should go onto their website and check out the large selection of bottles they carry. You will be amazed of how many different design, size and style of bottle they have. There is literally a bottle for everyone regardless of your style and taste.

Here are some special features of the product lines EcoUsable Inc. carries.


One of the reasons so many hundreds of retailers now carry our EcoUsable bottles is the quality and design of the bottles. They’ve created a half turn loop top to the bottle which not only makes it very simple for the consumer to gain access to their water but, it prevents having any grooves (or divots) within the mouth of the bottles so it is an extremely easy and safe bottle to use. Some additional reasons are:  

1)       EcoUsable bottles are made from an 18/8 (or 304 food grade) stainless steel so they are non-leaching, BPA free and environmentally safe!

2)       EcoUsable non-filtered bottles are offered in three (3) different sizes (10oz, 16oz & 33oz) which come in a wide variety of over 60 different colors and designs.

3)       EcoUsable bottles all come with a slip proof mat at the bottom of the bottle and a convenient carabineer clip to attach to buckles, backpacks, purses, etc…

4)    EcoUsable bottles are designed to fit in most car cup holders, bicycle holders and gym equipment bottle holders.


EcoUsable Introduces: 

“The ECH2O filtered water bottle is the world’s only stainless steel bottle which includes its own portable filtration system that provides high quality great-tasting filtered water on the go…

* Great for Daily Tap Water Use!

* Drink from local STREAMS, RIVERS & LAKES in the United States (Everything but salt water!)

* 304 Food grade stainless steel bottle

* Emergency preparedness survival bottle

* Great for all scenarios like Airport Travel, Driving, Working, Outdoor Activities, The Gym, Restaurants, etc, etc..

* Removes harmful contaminants as you drink through the flip top straw

* Filter tested by independent state and EPA approved laboratories to EPA/ANSI protocols and NSF Standards 42 & 53

* BPA-free, Non-leaching and Eco-friendly

* Filters up to 100 gallons of water (Approx 6 months of use w/ and average yearly savings of $1,600 (based upon $1 plastic water bottles)

* Filter replacement units sold separately

* Filter made in the U.S.A.

Available Sizes:

* (25oz/750ml) Bottles offered in nine (9) different colors

* (18oz/532ml) Bottles offered in five (5) different colors”  

Branded Bottles:

EcoUsable custom bottles have proven an excellent source to help promote any company/school/organization by immediately creating an eco-friendly identity while helping save the environment, save our health and save money! 

. Typical turnaround time for a custom order is only (3) weeks.

· Customer may choose from any solid color bottle.

· View bottle size and color choices at their website:

· When submitting Artwork – simply email their customer service the preferred logo in an editable vector Adobe Illustrator format

.  Their Art Department will then provide you mock samples for pre-approval before print.

More on Benefits of the Ech2o Filtered Water Bottle

- They removes up to 99.99% of pollutants to make great tasting filtered water.

- Replaces 757 half liter bottles of plastic.

- Proprietary high quality ionic adsorption filter.

- Ideal for sports, travel, health and survival.

- Safely filters most fresh bodies of waters from the tap, streams, rivers, lakes and pools in United States (no salt water).

- Screw on filter top with built in straw, requires no tilting of the bottle to drink, reducing the likelihood of accidents while driving

More on Benefits of all the EcoUsable Stainless Steel Water Bottles

- Safe alternative to plastic and aluminum.

- Manufactured from high-quality food grade (304 L.N.) stainless steel, widely recognized as the safest drinkable material, and specifically grade blended for food preparation where mineral mitigation is unacceptable.

- Non-leaching and toxic free.

- Slim design fits most cup/bottle holders in cars or trucks

- Durable, lightweight, reusable and 100% recyclable (except the filter).

- No inner lining necessary, clean tasting water.

- Available in a wide range of sizes, attractive colors and designs.

- The smaller sizes that fit in most kid’s lunch boxes or lunch bags.

- Features a non-skid, non-scratch soft mat bottom for extra protection.

- Convenient half turn loop-top to gain easy access to your water (on regular bottles)

- Standard bottles come w/ carabiner that clips onto belt buckles or backpacks.

Price range:

$12.49 – 10oz

$12.99 – $15.99 – 16oz (depending on design)

$16.49 – $18.49 – 32 oz (depending on design)

$34.99 – 18oz Filtered

$39.99 – 24oz Filtered

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