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For those looking for ideal items for children, Grandma’s Trunk™ Alphabet Game from Educational Insights is an excellent choice. It educates children and gets them to think in a fun filled atmosphere. Compared to the regular way of playing non-educational toys, Grandma’s Trunk™ Alphabet Game is more likely to hone young minds. Instead of playing senseless games, toddlers and preschoolers can learn to identify the alphabets even at an early stage. The product also teaches letter names and alphabet sequencing. Children are also taught auditory memory skills as well as listening comprehension.

grandma's trunk alphabet game

alphabet game

Grandma’s Trunk™ Alphabet Game uses familiar gaming format. This is known among parents and teachers therefore kids can play conveniently. There are five ways to play this game where tons of games are packed within one suitcase.

5 Ways to Play include:

1. What Comes Next? Take turns placing the letter cards in the trunk in alphabetical order.

2. Memory Time Take turns repeating the sequence of cards already in the trunk, then adding one of your own and challenging other players to remember them all, in order.

3. Grandma’s Riddles Deal the cards, then read a riddle and race to see who has the letter card that answers it!

4. Letter Sequence Memory Deal the cards and take turns putting them in the trunk in alphabetical order, repeating the items already in the trunk and challenging other players to remember them all, in alphabetical order.

5. Grandma’s Adventures Place the letter cards in the trunk and take turns pulling them out to create a cooperative story: “Once upon a time there was a grandma. She saw an iguana.”

There are 26 alphabet picture and riddle cards found in one pack. Every pack also comes with a guide for easy reference. Playing the game is not difficult. Parents and kids need to put the letter cards into Grandma’s trunk. Each turn, every participant gets the chance to pull out a letter. Children are then given visual prompt where they get to tell their own story. Aside from effectively identifying letters, children’s imaginations are also motivated.

Educational Insights Grandma's Trunk Alphabet Game

As there are also riddle games, children are stimulated to think of possible answers. This will help to develop children’s critical thinking at an early stage. However, this is done in a fun manner that they will love the most. Learning the alphabet is actually the first step towards reading. If I cannot get my child interested to learn, playing the Alphabet Game can be an effective approach. As kids do not have long attention spans, it is rather helpful to get them focused through educational games. For instance, I ask my 3.5 year old daughter to guess as we play the riddle game. I start by saying, “I am black and white, you can find me at the doctor’s office and a picture of the entire body. What am I?” My daughter answered bone (the right answer is x-ray). Although it was not exactly the right answer, at least she got some points. Then, I asked her to make sentences using the word she guessed. Parents can enjoy the hilarious stories that they children create after pulling an alphabet picture card.

Children are also helped in memorizing the entire alphabet through the letter sequencing memory game. They are motivated to create the right sequence to complete the right order of the alphabet. Among the five ways to play these games, Grandma’s Adventures are the most favorite. This is because my child gets to create her own version of the story. The person sitting beside her gets to continue after seeing the next picture alphabet card. We will be amazed to see how our children’s imagination soar using a highly educational toy.


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