Strictly Briks Review And Giveaway {2017 Holiday Gift Guide}

Kids’ imagination is limitless especially when provided with the right toys. They oftentimes tend to love creating and crafting things and scenarios using various things at home like toys. The best companion for this is the LEGO pieces as the pieces bring out the craftsman within your kid. Your kids can create cars, houses, buildings and other sort of things that you can also participate with. But what if I tell you that you can let your kid enjoy crafting LEGO pieces a level higher?

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In 2014, Strictly Briks came out and started to manufacture toys to provide a platform in support with the classic construction toys (such as LEGO, Duplo and Mega Bloks) as well as mini action figures, cars and many more. Most products of Strictly Briks allow kids to build and combine toys on it, like a blank canvass when painting. They have Standard Base Plates, Big Briks, Stackable Baseplates, Big Briks, Silicone Straps and Baseplates that come in unique shapes. They also manufacture their own Briks Sets. What’s even better is that their items are compatible with the bricks of major brands.

The first item I got from them is the Multi-Color Big Briks Tower Organizer in four colors. It has four platforms which means that my kids have a choice whether to use the platforms separately to combine things or stack them up for a whole new level of playing.  It also comes with 48 thick stackers that look sturdy even if they are fully stacked on each other. The size of the platform is 26×22 pegs – big enough to provide a generous platform.

My little ones used the Multi-Color Big Briks Tower Organizer in different ways. My eldest girl even used the platforms to create a house for her stuffed toys while my boy built a parking garage with his toy cars. This tower is also perfect as an organizer with my kids’ LEGO pieces. After long hours of playing, you can easily stack the LEGO pieces on the platform so they are sure to stay out of the floor.

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The second items I got is the Silicone Brick and Strap Kit. Imagine if silicone bricks and pegs were invented earlier, many feet must have been saved from the pain on accidentally stepping on one plastic and edgy brick! The bundle I received has a total of 222 variety of items. It comes with a total of 21 straps or connectors and they vary in sizes. Three of them is the longest while my count for the shortest ones are twelve and the remaining six straps are the medium-sized ones. All the other remaining pieces are the silicone bricks.

Silicone Brick and Strap Kit

One of the advantage of having these silicone straps and bricks is that they are not too edgy and will provide different shapes on your kids’ construction. They can build slides, bridges, and swings out of these. My girl used one of the longest strap as a bracelet and she used it to keep her pens together.

I am so glad that toy manufacturers like Strictly Briks is present to develop children’s toys and make it more enjoyable and more educational. They also provide and widen the choices we have as parents to choose how and what our kids play.

Win 12.5” Big Briks Circle 4-pack of Baseplates!

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  1. kristen visser says:

    I would love to win this for my oldest daughter! She could really use this during her at home ABA therapy sessions. They love to use things that connect and build

  2. Darlene Schuller says:

    I would like to win as this is something my grandchildren would love and would keep them busy for a long time where they are visiting.

  3. NJ Nowoselski says:

    I have two god son’s that have a house full of lego. Not kidding. I would love to win this for their mom 🙂 If the kids creations could be stacked this would give the parents some breathing room 🙂 Plus what a nice way to display their creations.

  4. Dave S says:

    Our whole family loves creating with building blocks. We have at least one night a week where we unplug and build things. This would be the perfect prize for our family.

  5. Heather B says:

    I have 3 children that all love legos! They even have some of the ones I had when I was younger, I would love to win this for them.

  6. Christine Topley says:

    My grandson has a love affair with building blocks. He loves putting things together and showing everyone what he creates. He would be so happy to see these under the tree on Christmas morning. Thank you for the review and the opportunity.

  7. Amanda Fontaine says:

    I would love to win for my two youngest for when they are old enough to take our their older sister’s legos from when she was younger. I think this would be a great addition to them.

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