A Spin on the Traditional Robot!

Technology and Engineering aren’t things you think your children would be learning about at young ages. With a daughter in third grade and a son a little bit younger, the Funtastic Robotics Series has given them the opportunity to learn about things other than math and science. The Young Scientists Club has created four unique robotic kits that teach children about building robots while also providing fun activities. 

The Funtastic Robotic Metali robot lights up and buzzes when metal objects are sensed within making for an exciting looking robot for children to learn and play with.

 Funtastic Robotic Metali robot

Funtastic Robotic Metali robot

Included with the bot is a 24 by 24 inches color instructional and activity packed poster along with computer modules, a motor, chassis, gears and a colorful cover. Each of the Funtastic Robotic Series kits is also packed with instructions that are illustrated to help children learn at ease. The kit allows for children to learn a lot at a very young age and also to aid later if the interest in technology and engineering grows. It’s the perfect kit for any child with a creative mind and a desire to learn. 

The Young Scientists Club made it a goal of theirs to design each kit with detailed yet easy to follow instructions. They wanted to make it simpler for children to follow without getting frustrated and giving up. A lot of companies make toys with vague or confusing instructions in which my children have just given up and then never touched the activity again. However, with the Funtastic Robots, they’re able to follow step by step without any outbursts occurring. 

The Funtastic Robotics Series by The Young Scientists Club has taken a spin on the traditional robot. They’ve created a series of four different robot kits that aid in the learning and creating process of our young children’s minds. Available at their website, the Metali robot as well as the other Funtastic Robots are priced fairly and completely worth every penny!

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