Skechers Hits Another One Out of The Park with The S Lights and Hot Lights {2017 Holiday Gift Guide}

As a mom, it is not often that you can have your kid be excited about a pair of shoes when they are not covered by the face of the latest on-trend animated character. Usually if a child is hopping up and down begging for a pair of shoes, and they aren’t a teenager asking for a $300 pair of sports shoes, then they are Disney themed or something similar and bearing the visage of some character from some show or movie you haven’t even had the time to see yet.

But even with the difference in age with my son and daughter, Skechers has managed to design kids’ shoes that they both love. And that they will ask for time and time again when they are outgrown or that they wear out.

And, my daughter never even asked for Frozen sneakers the whole time she was wearing her Skechers. Now that is saying something.

Skechers S Lights Energy Lights in Rose Gold

skechers rose gold

The S Lights Energy Lights come in an awesome Rose Gold color that is just amazing. They are available in preschool to grade school sizes from a 10.5 to a 7, and they also list under Other a 7.5M and an 8.0M as being available as well.

skechers s lights

skechers s lights energy lights

They have a translucent midsole that fully encloses the LED lights that will flash and change color around the edge.  Pressing the “Start” button on the tongue will cause the midsole lights to light up in the “Red Fire” configuration and then each press will cycle through the assorted colors of:

  • Red Fire
  • Cool Blue
  • Alien Green
  • Purple
  • Teal
  • Neon Lime
  • White

Choose your favorite and go out for a fun time with your friends!  There is a fun white blinking light!  You can also get all 7 colors pulsing in the “Rainbow Dance” configuration.  Or, they switch around in the “Pop N Glow” configuration. There is also a “Full Show” configuration with a slow sequence and then two fast sequences.

Lift the tongue flap and discover that these awesome Energy Lights are rechargeable, one of the best features. No need to have disappointed kids when the light party ends. They will last 5-6 hours on a full charge, and then you just connect the included cord into any USB port and charge them up again in no time.

These sneakers are made from a synthetic material with a classic high-top design. They are well padded and designed both for style and for comfort.

Skechers Hot Lights Street Lights 2.0 – Skech Rays in Silver/Multi

skechers hot lights

skechers hot lights shoes

These shoes are available in preschool and grade school sizes from a 9.5 to a 2, so not as wide a variety for the boys in terms of size on this particular model, but my son loves these. These were not his first pair and probably will not be his last. It will be catastrophic when we can’t get them in his size anymore. Hopefully, Skechers will come out with something even better for the big boys by then!

These are made with leather, synthetic and fabric mesh uppers in a slip on sporty style that is perfect for those little ones who haven’t learned to tie yet but want to have that light up look just like the big kids. These have a unique “infinity mirror” light effect that I have never seen in a light up shoe before.  Skechers hit another home run with this one, that’s for sure.

The mesh fabric panels keep your son’s feet cool. Let’s face it. Boys’ feet sweat. A lot. And it’s way worse with the boys than with the girls.  Why is that, anyway? If anyone has an answer, I would gladly pay for the solution. It could be the dead of winter and that boy’s feet are like a furnace!

There is a button on the front panel that activates the lights, so they are not like the old-fashioned light up shoes of my day where just walking made them light up. And then after about a week, they wouldn’t light anymore, and you felt like you got ripped off.  These are way better. I need to be about 7 years old again, so I can play with all this cool stuff. Oh wait, that’s right. I am a mom. I get to do that now!  Score.

There is also a second button on the front panel to change the lighting effect colors. So even the little ones get some of that customization like the big kids get in the Energy Lights.

skechers energy lights

These have a translucent rubber shock absorbing midsole, so no matter how hard your little man is running and playing, they won’t be putting any extra strain or wear and tear on those tender little joints.  This is an added bonus. Orthopedic visits are even more expensive than shoes. Just putting that out there.

Skechers just celebrated 25 years of producing quality products in May of this year. Is it any wonder that they are still around with innovation like these two products?

Like I had said earlier, these were not the first pair of these shoes I have had for my kids, and I can guarantee that they will no be the last. They are comfortable, they fit them great and they love the styles. As my daughter gets older, style is something she is becoming more aware of. Skechers always manages to stay current with the trends that are happening, though, and so I have no doubt they will continue to be our brand of choice. 

And they are definitely a great buy for the money because they always last. Kids are tough on their shoes. Yet every pair of Skechers has been outgrown long before they have worn out. It’s too bad my kids are different genders, or they could have been handing shoes down from one to another!

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  1. Sab Edwards says:

    I love mine, I have a wider foot so I was pleasantly surprised when I found a shoe that is soft and can be machine washed so easily

  2. NormaJane (NJ) says:

    You made me giggle in your first paragraph. “they aren’t a teenager asking for a $300 pair of sports shoes” I had that teenage son He is now 32 Recently his friend gave him Skechers to wear since his shoes were bugging his toes. He giggled to tell me he loves them. Yes the I need the best meaning expensive shoes has found he loves Skechers! It’s great when they realise mom was right lol

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