2012 Back to School Guide – Slub Stripe Cardi from Sila Boutique

Sila Boutique

My 4-year old daughter cannot wait to go back to school. She is not too hyped up about the lessons and being inside the classroom for hours, but she is very excited to see her friends and meet new classmates. Of course we have talks about convincing her that it is okay if vacation is over because there will be another vacation soon. Or that she should be happy because she has another opportunity to get good grades and we can reward her for that. What got her very eager to go back to school were all the new materials, accessories and supplies we got for her. Aside from these, she is motivated because of her new clothes. I guess it is nice to feel good about your appearance, even at that early age.

I received the Slub Stripe Cardi for my daughter. The cardigan is very fashionable, fit for girls at her age. It is made from cotton material with satin binding. The color is ivory with stylish grey stripes. Aside from being simply trendy, it is also very practical. It can be used on top of an inner spaghetti strap for casual wear. It can also be used for occasions that are a bit more formal, on top of a blouse or shirt. When it becomes a bit chilly outside or in the car or in the movie theater, it can also double as a jacket or a shawl. It is also very handy because of the material so my daughter does not complain whenever she has to carry it. The cardigan became extra handy when it started to drizzle and my daughter used it as a shade or an “umbrella” over her head.


Sila boutique has other back to school themed things like bag tags, lunchboxes and binders. You can also browse their online store, www.shopsilaboutique.com, for clothes for your little boys and girls and even gift ideas for different occasions. Mommies and daddies can also shop for themselves or for home needs. They have different materials from coaster sets to storage bins to jewelry and almost everything else you can think of. Sila boutique also offers personalized items like cell phone cases. Most boutiques are small and sell the same kinds of things, but this one is different. The wide range of selection and different stuff they have to offer will amaze you.

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