RectiCare Cream – What You May Need After The Arrival Of Your Newborn #Giveaway

Being a pregnant lady myself, almost through with my second tri-mester, I have been reading quite a bit of stuff on Delivery and it’s after effects in Pregnancy related books and online. One thing that really got my attention was the development of hemorrhoids in a women after child birth due to all the pushing and muscle wearing that may have occurred during labor.

What is a hemorrhoid?

A hemorrhoid can develop either outside the rectum or inside it. The external hemorrhoid is easily detectable, while the internal ones are painless but some times bleed internally.

Causes of hemorrhoid

Most of the doctors suggest that hemorrhoids are usually caused because of increased pressure on the veins in the rectal area. The increase in blood pressure causes the veins to swell and stretch the surrounding tissue, subsequently a hemorrhoid develops.

I have been told that a hemorrhoid can change a woman’s life. How so? It can actually effect everything that you do, And when I say everything, I literally mean everything. You can longer sit comfortably in a vehicle or anywhere else. If one has just delivered and discovered symptoms of hemorrhoid, it is better to consult the doctor as soon as possible. In the mean while, one has the RectiCare® Cream, produced by Ferndale Healthcare®, which can help increase your comfort in and around the rectal and pelvic area. RectiCare® (Lidocaine 5%) Anorectal Cream, is a local anesthethic which works rapidly to relieve the person of burning, itching and pain which result due to the Hemorrhoids. It contains a very high percentage of lidocaine which works rapidly to relieve the patient of any pain. This cream is useful not only for Hemorrohoids but also for any other anorectal disorder.

How to Apply?

It is very easy to apply as well as it comes with pairs of “finger cots”, which fit over your finger snugly. Apply the cream from the tube on the finger and gently apply it all over the pelvic and rectal region. These cots enable hygienic application since the finger or the hand doesn’t come in contact with the affected region.

I hope If I ever come to develop this condition after my baby is delivered, I can use RectiCare Cream as the only safe and useful over the counter product to relief myself of this pain. This easy to apply cream with nil side effects is bound to give the best results.

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