Pickle Peas Organic Mix & Match Bibs & Clothes – 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

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It’s inevitable that baby’s get to that adorable but messy stage where they always, always drool. It usually comes when they’re starting to grow teeth (teething). Their drool spreads all over their chest area. Of course, we put on bibs but bibs have their way of coming off or don’t catch the drool at all times. Also, most bibs don’t prevent baby’s clothes from getting wet.

With all those been-there-done-that complaints, I now have the answer! I’ll finally save myself and my baby from going through the same “drool issues” when he reaches that stage. It’s the Pickle Peas organic clothing line! I received the Boys Pebble and Blue Gift Set and I must tell you, they’re amazingly adorable, useful and innovative!


The set I got came with 1 onesies in colors Pebble and Blue, and 2 bibs in Money and Pirate. Okay, so before you conclude that this is just another bib-onesies set, I’m telling you that they’re not! What makes it so unique is that the bibs are snapped on the onesies’ chest area and is really intended to be used by drooling babies. It has low-impact dyes and nickel free snaps that will hold the bib securely. The inner layer is waterproof to keep the drool from reaching baby’s clothes.

Another unique factor is the design of the bibs. Of course, the plain but nicely colored onesies won’t stand out by itself that much… not until they put on the bibs! There are about 10 designs to choose from since you can customize your own set. There are bibs for boys and for girls which are all one-size. Also, they can all be paired with other Pickle Peas outfit—rompers, PJ’s, shirts, and more. They are all especially made to go with every design. Pairing and color combinations of bibs and onesies (or other pieces) don’t really matter because of its color contrast binding feature.

I’m loving Pickle Peas onesies already! I found out that they’re made of 100% organic cotton which I always prioritize for everything that touches my daughter’s (and my coming baby’s) skin. They are gentle on babies’ skin and good for the environments. They’re very soft to touch and thick enough to keep baby warm and cozy.

Pickle Peas just launched this year and are really making a noise in the baby merchandise world. Don’t forget to grab them while they’re new in the market! The Pickle Peas Gift Sets made me all excited for both my baby boy’s arrival and for the Christmas season. I love every single bit of each piece and would recommend them to you moms out there. They could make great presents for Christmas or for that baby shower you’re friend will host. 🙂

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