New Balance 689 Kids Line – 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

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Running shoes are some of the best investments for kids. As the saying goes, “Good shoes takes you places.” Though it may sound more often to be appropriate for women’s shoes, it also applies to kids’ runners. A good pair of comfy and sturdy shoes can make them feel good about themselves and can even help them perform better in school or in play. In the long run, it can contribute to their healthy childhood and physical development as well.

I just love it when I get new pairs of shoes for my daughter and I received two pairs—the other pair is a boy’s shoes. However, how adorable these shoes are not enough. They actually have to meet my not-so-high-but-definitely-a-must standards as well. And, New Balance 689 Kids Line just does that, no question about it.

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First thing that made me really happy about these pair of shoes is that it came in two—one for my daughter and another pair. Since the other one is a size 12 for boys, I gave it to my nephew as kind of an advance Christmas present. He liked it so much and said it felt really comfy to wear.

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Second is the great design it has. My daughter’s are in silver with pink while for my nephew’s are in black with green. It has leather/mesh upper which are built to be breathable which is perfect for kids who are always active. Both has very stylish look that could match a lot of casual outfits even for the holidays. They will even be ideal for Christmas presents for kids this Yuletide season! Give them to your friends’ kids, your niece or nephew, grandkids, or whoever you think will need a pair. They’ll surely find it fantastic and very useful.

Third, of course, are its nice and practical features. They’re made of only the premium materials and can withstand extreme mobility. Since comfortableness is an absolute must, New Balance 689 kids line has put in every shoe their signature ABZORB® cushioning for shock absorption as kids run, walk and jump in them at school or at play, and the IMEVA (injection-molded EVA foam for unrestricting and comfy fit for their delicate but active feet. New Balance also made these 689 Kids collection extra kid-friendly because they made it easy to slip into it and remove. This is through their zigzag elastic straps for better grip of the shoes topped off with a nice hook and loop closures for extra snug. The soles have a special quality, too! They have these non-marking rubber outsoles which is a big plus for moms (or even school maintenance staffs) who clean the floors of stubborn skid or sole marks left behind by other ordinary kicks.

I would undoubtedly put this in my Christmas gift list for kids I’ll be giving gifts to this Christmas—given the chance. It’ll make excellent gifts and will just be wonderful presents to hand out to family or friends. After all, kids will be delighted to have new pair of runners for the resuming of school after the holiday break, won’t they?

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  1. Runner604 says:

    I really like these running shoes and they are exceptionally light weight. Right now I’m struggling to find wide shoes for my 5 yr old son that also meets his standards of what is cool and that doesn’t cost more than $50. I may find a pair he likes in the store then try to find it cheaper online.

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