My Boo & You Organic Baby And Toddler Clothing Review


If you’re looking for special baby & toddler outfits that are made of organic material and with cute designs that personally appeal to little ones (I know this feature combo is just hard to come by!), check out My Boo & You!

my boo and you organic onesie

I have their onesie in Loveausaurus design, which is a cute hand-drawn pink dinosaur who seems blushing and in love! The plain fabric is so soft, and the design is of brilliant quality (love the contrast by the way). It’s like a wearable painted canvas, but made of very soft organic cotton. This would make a perfect baby shower gift for artsy and quirky moms.

My Boo & You has irresistibly adorable designs that are themed by holiday (Hannukah, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.), milestone (like order of birth among siblings), and just because! These original artwork designs were personally hand-drawn by its mommy co-owner, in the style of a young child’s hand. Your toddler might love to copy the drawing too!

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